Zayd Ibn Harithah
Zayd Ibn Harithah

Zayd Ibn Harithah Story Mentioned In The Quran

Zayd Ibn Harithah is one of the Prophet’s (SAW) most beloved companions and the only one whose name is mentioned in the Quran.


Who was Zayd to Prophet Muhammad?

Zaid bin Haritha was the love of the Messenger of Allah, because the Prophet loved him with a great love. Zaid bin Haritha was the closest of people to the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and they met before Muhammad SAW became a prophet. He is the first slave to accepted Islam.

Zayd Ibn Harithah Mentioned in Quran

The word Zayd is mentioned in Quran. It is mentioned in Surah Ahzab, the thirty third chapter of the Quran in verse 37.

And [remember, O Muhammad], when you said to the one on whom Allah bestowed favor and you bestowed favor, “Keep your wife and fear Allah ,” while you concealed within yourself that which Allah is to disclose. And you feared the people, while Allah has more right that you fear Him.

So when Zayd had no longer any need for her, We married her to you in order that there not be upon the believers any discomfort concerning the wives of their adopted sons when they no longer have need of them. And ever is the command of Allah accomplished.

Surah Ahzab 37

Zayd Ibn Harithah Story

This companion has an equally fascinating story about how he came to be regarded as the beloved of the Prophet, just as Allah swt picked many of the companions to travel to Makkah for various reasons to be among the adherents of His Messenger SAW.

The parents of Zayd were Harithah and Sudah, two Arabs who were not natives of Makkah.


His parents came from different clans. His mother belonged to the Bani Man tribe, and once, while she and her son were visiting her family, their tribe came under attack from a rival tribe.

As a result, Zayd was captive and sold into slavery in the markets of Ukaadh.

Hakim ibn Huzaam, Khadija’s (beloved wife of the prophet SAW)nephew, was the one who purchased him.

He gave Zayd to his aunt as a gift when she called him when he first arrived in Makkah.

This happened prior to the arrival of Islam and even before her marriage to the Prophet.


After a few months—or even years, according to certain scholarly opinion, Khadijah (RA) wed the Prophet (pbuh) and gave him the young boy as a gift in the form of a slave.

Instead of treating this little kid like a slave, the Prophet (PBUH) treated him like family. Since that day, they have never parted ways.

Since his abduction, his father Harithah has been searching for him. At one point, some members of his tribe had traveled to Makkah for the annual pilgrimage.


When they got home, they notified Harithah about Zayd’s presence in Makkah when they occurred to recognize him.

In the blink of an eye, Harithah and Allahu Alam, some claim his other son, left towards Makkah.

They both went to meet Muhammad (PBUH) when he arrived in Makkah and asked him to release their son in exchange for a fair price.

In response, Muhammad (PBUH) said he would turn the situation on to Zayd.

Zayd was free to leave without paying a ransom if he wished to accompany his father. But his father had to give the okay if he wanted to stay with him.

Harithah was overjoyed at the Prophet’s offer (PBUH).

Zayd responded, “Yes, he is my father and my uncle,” when he was called and asked if he recognized the guys in front of him.

He was then informed of the offer to depart with his father and be set free. “I would never abandon you (Muhammad (PBUH)) for everything in this world,” he stated.

Harithah was astounded and disturbed to learn from his son’s response that he preferred to remain a slave rather than accompany him to his own tribe as a free man.

At that point, the Prophet (PBUH) carried Zayd to the Kaabah and declared that he was his son by adoption.

He was told that going forward, he would be known as Zayd ibn Muhammad, and both he and I would inherit from me.

His father, who was thrilled to learn that his son was living in the home of a respectable Quraish family and that he was no longer a slave but a free man, returned home.

Zayd Ibn Harithah Moment with the Prophet SAW

Zayd Ibn Harithah Appearance

Zayd was a short and dark skinned, a shy kind who remained in the Prophet’s (PBUH) service until the end of his life.

He was treated as a son by the Prophet (PBUH). The Prophet (PBUH) was among the first to accept the Divine revelation when it was revealed to him.

He was wed to his cousin Zainab bint Jash by the Prophet (PBUH). But this union did not endure.

And even after numerous attempts at reconciliation, a divorce occurred. The Prophet (pbuh) was told by Allah swt to wed Zainab following their divorce.

This was one of the major turning points in Arabic culture where adopted sons were treated as if they were their biological sons. In this case, a revelation abrogated the previous adoption practices in paganic Arab.

…Nor has He made your adopted sons your real sons. That is but your saying with your mouths. But Allah says the truth, and He guides to the (Right) Way.

Call them (adopted sons) by (the names of) their fathers, that is more just with Allah.

Al-Ahzab 33:4-5

From that point forward, Zayd was referred to as Zayd ibn Harithah, his real name.

This loving companion of the Prophet (pbuh) supported him during good times and bad.

He was the one who traveled to Taief with him (PBUH). He was the one who took part in numerous wars, and the Prophet (PBUH) appointed him to lead his army in each one.

The Prophet never appointed Zayd as an expedition leader, according to Aisha (RA).

The beloved of RasulAllah (PBUH) was martyred in the battle of Mutah in the eighth century A.H. with a smile on his lips. He is thought to be buried in modern-day Jordan.

Abu Saeed Al Khudri is another prominent companion of the prophet SAW.


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