Is Popeyes Halal
Is Popeyes Halal

Is Popeyes Halal In USA And Canada?

Is Popeyes halal? Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is one of the world’s most popular food chains, so it’s no surprise that thousands of customers have asked if it’s halal. Almost every city in North America has a Popeyes branch. However, we wanted to know if Muslims in Canada and the United States could eat Popeyes chicken.


Is Popeyes Halal?

Some Popeyes locations are considered halal, while others are not in 2023. In Muslim countries such as United Arab Emirates (UAE), Popeye’s offers a 100% halal menu! To be sure, always confirm the halal status with the restaurant directly! Restaurants’ meat suppliers and policies are constantly changing.

Furthermore, individual franchise locations are constantly changing hands. So the owner of one location can use halal meat but sell it to a new owner who does not. So, to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information, contact the establishment!

To know more about whether Popeyes is halal in USA, UK and Canada, and much more, keep reading for more facts!

Is Popeyes Halal in USA?

Popeyes offers a halal menu in some locations across the USA. It’s best to confirm the availability of halal menu from each location. Most food items sold at US-based Popeyes food chains are not halal but rather haram.


Food items such as red beans, chicken, rice and gravy served in Popeyes in the USA are not halal.

Popeyes Customer Service representative has confirmed this when contacted by Halal Guidance team as shown below.

Is Popeyes Halal
Is Popeyes Halal
Is Popeyes Halal

Is Popeyes Halal in Canada?

Yes, Popeyes Canada serves certified halal chicken. For proof, each restaurant has a halal certificate. Many other halal-certified products are available in Canada locations, such as gravy and marinades.

Furthermore, products and ingredients are thoroughly reviewed to ensure that no pork products or alcohol are present. Canola oil is used for frying at all Popeyes locations in Canada.

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Is Popeyes Chicken Halal?

The chicken served at Popeyes in the United States is not halal certified. On the other hand, Muslims in Canada who follow a halal diet can enjoy Popeyes chicken at any location.

Halal Popeyes

In Canada, halal Popeyes include:

  • All chicken products (Signature Bone-in Chicken & Boneless)
  • Gravy
  • Marinades
  • Rice and red beans

However, there are many non-meat items on the Popeyes menu in USA which halal observers can consume, such as their:


  • Beverages – such as Mango Lemonade and Iced Teas
  • Desserts – such as their Cinnamon Apple Pie and Chocolate Beignets, and
  • Sides such as their Coleslaw and Fries.

Is Popeyes Chicken Sandwhich Halal?

Popeyes chicken sandwiches are halal in Canada, according to the response Halal Guidance team received from the Popeyes Customer Support team. However, they are not halal in the United States.

Is Popeyes Gravy Halal?

Popeyes gravy is Halal and can be found at any Popeyes location in Canada. The gravy served at any Popeyes location in the United States, on the other hand, is not Halal. Gravy served at any Popeyes location in the United States contains pork.

Muslims eating at Popeyes in Canada can eat gravy because it is halal, but it is not halal at Popeyes locations in the United States.

Is Popeyes Owned By Muslims?

Popeyes is a franchise. Some of the franchises are muslim.


Popeyes is not halal worldwide, but only in a few regions such as Canada. Therefore, if you are a Muslim and planning to visit the Popeyes fast food, it is advisable to check with your nearest location if they are halal certified to avoid visiting sites with no halal food.

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