Is Yellow 6 Halal
Is Yellow 6 Halal

Is Yellow 6 Halal? What You Should Know

Is Yellow 6 halal? Yellow 6 is a food color additive commonly used in various food and beverage products. 


As a large portion of the population follows a halal diet, which is a set of dietary laws observed by Muslims, many people are curious about whether or not Yellow 6 is halal. 

Is Yellow 6 Halal?

Yes, Yellow 6 is generally considered halal. It is made synthetically from petroleum, not from animal products. This is because the principle about food is that it is permissible (Halal) to eat until proven otherwise.

Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning):

{It is He who created for you all of that which is on the earth} [Surah al-Baqarah 2:29].


The website Halal or Haram stated that there is “no problem with FD-&-C Yellow No. 6.“ (Source)

The South African National Halaal Authority has confirmed that Yellow 6 is halal. (Source)

What Is Yellow 6?

Yellow 6 is a food coloring ingredient also known as Sunset Yellow FCF. It is used to add a color to various food products, including processed snacks, baked goods, and candies.

Yellow 6 is also used to color sausage and canned fish. And that’s not all. It’s used in non-food products like medications, and cosmetics.

It also goes by the following names:


  • FD&C Yellow 6
  • E110
  • Sunset Yellow FCF
  • Orange Yellow S
  • C.I. 15985

It is interesting to note that the consumption of “harmful things” is considered haram. And some sources do consider Yellow 6 to be harmful.

If it is proven that this substance is harmful, and they are deemed to be haraam because of the harm they cause, then it is only haraam to consume the amount that is harmful. If a small amount of it is not harmful, then it is not haraam.

The scholars stated that if something is harmful in large amounts, a small amount of it is permissible.



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