Juz 27
Juz 27

Juz 27 Quran (Surah List, PDF And Read Online)

In article, we will be looking at the total number of surahs in juz 27, what surahs are in this juz as well as the summary of these Quran chapters.


The main division of the Qur’an is into chapters (surah) and verses (ayat). The Quran is additionally divided into 30 equal sections, called juz (plural: ajiza).

How Many Surahs In Juz 27?

There are seven (7) surahs in juz 27. While this juz’ contains several complete chapters, each chapter is of medium length, ranging from 29 to 96 verses.

Most of these surahs were revealed in Mecca, before the Hijrah, during the time when Muslims were still weak and small in number. Only the last chapter of this section was revealed after the migration to Madinah.

Where Does Juz 27 Start?

Juzz 27 stars from the middle of the 51st chapter, Surah Az-Zariyat, verse 31. Surah Az-zariyat is a Meccan and contains 60 verses. The juz continuing to the end of the 57th chapter, Surah Hadid, verse 29.


Juz 27 Surah List

The surah list of Juz 27 are:

  • Surah Adh-Dhaariyaat
  • Surah At Toor
  • Surah Al Najm
  • Surah Al Qamar
  • Surah Al Rahman
  • Surah Al Waqiah
  • Surah Al Hadeed

The table shows the summary of 27th juz of the Quran.

Name Of SurahEnglish NameNumber of versesPlace of revelationsMain Theme
Adh-Dhaariyaat The Wind That Scatter, The Winnowing Winds, From verse 31-60MakkahDestruction of those who denied the messengers, and a warning for those who deny the truth.
At-ToorThe Mount, Mount Sinai49Makkah
An-NajmThe Star, The Unfolding62MakkahMuhammad’s experience of an ascension to heaven (Mi’raj, including his vision of the Sidrat al-Muntaha, the Lote-Tree of the Extremity).
Al-QamarThe Moon55Makkah
Ar-RahmanThe Most Merciful, The Most Gracious78MadinahEverything will pass away, except the face of God. Description of paradise.
Al-Waqi’ahThe Inevitable, The Event, That Which Must Come to Pass96MakkahDescription of life in the Hereafter for the believers and the disblievers.
Al HadeedThe Iron29Madinah

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Here is the complete photos of this juz if you want to read them online.

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Juz 27 PDF Download

Here is the PDF of 27 juz in Arabic below.

Summary Of The Surahs In 27th Juz Of The Quran

Surah Tur

  • Surah Tur talks about Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW).
  • He came to warn people about the consequences of their denial of faith, as well as their acts of injustice and indecency.
  • Those who are in doubt of his message should create a similar message.
  • Allow them to produce any evidence that supports their wrong beliefs.

Surah Najm

  • Surah Najm discusses the Prophet’s (SAW) eminence with his Mi’raj and closeness to Allah.
  • It warns disbelievers of the errors in their attitudes toward the Qur’an and the Prophet of Allah.
  • Some of their wrong beliefs about angels as daughters of Allah, angel intercession, and so on are also mentioned.

Surah al-Qamar

  • Surah al-Qamar discusses the approaching Day of Judgment.
  • It describes some of the sceens of that particular day.
  • It also tells us that Allah’s judgment may come right now.
  • There are references to the Flood of Noah, the punishment of the people of ‘Ad, Thamud, the People of Prophet Lot, the Pharaoh and his people.
  • It concludes with the good news that Believers will be with their Lord in the gardens of bliss.

Surah ar-Rahman

  • Surah ar-Rahman indicates that Prophet Muhammad is Allah’s Prophet and Messenger for both humans and Jinns.
  • This Surah mentions Allah’s numerous blessings and favors.
  • Humans and Jinn are encouraged to remember these blessings and not to deny Allah’s blessings.

Surah al-Waqiah

  • Surah al-Waqiah discuses about the resurrection that will definitely take place.
  • It is an undeniable fact.
  • The humans will then be divided into three groups.
  • The faithful are divided into two groups: those who are pioneers in their faith and struggle in Allah’s path, and those who are followers.
  • They are a large number from the earlier generations and a small number from the later generations.
  • The rest of the people are divided into believers and those who oppose the faith.
  • Allah’s rewards are for the faithful, but his wrath and chastisement await those who oppose faith.
  • The Surah then invites humans to consider themselves and the things they use on a daily basis, as well as who created all of these things.
  • It discusses the Qur’an and its profound and consistent message before finally reminding us of death and the inevitable end of all beings.

Surah al-Hadeed

  • Surah al-Hadeed: Allah has all knowledge and authority.
  • Believe in Allah’s power, make sacrifices, and give charity to the cause of truth. Light and Life are for the Believers. Disbelievers walk in the dark.
  • A word of caution to those who refuse to acknowledge Allah.
  • Those who are sincere in their faith are willing to make sacrifices and help the poor and needy.
  • This world’s life is fleeting.
  • Compete with one another in doing good in order to receive Allah’s eternal reward.
  • Prophets were sent to establish authority and justice.

Main Topic Of 27th Juz Of The Quran

  • The fate of the people of Prophet Lot. Prophet Moses and the fate of Pharaoh.
  • People of ‘Ad and Thamud and the people of Prophet Noah.
  • Hasten to Allah.
  • Do not associate anyone in the divinity of Allah.
  • Remind, the reminding will help the Believers.
  • The Judgment of Allah is near.
  • Warnings about Allah’s coming punishment for the disbelievers.
  • Reward for the Believers.
  • Questions to the disbelievers about their false beliefs.
  • What are the evidences and proofs of these false beliefs?
  • The Prophet Muhammad’s Mi’raj Experience (saw).
  • Non-believers’ gods or goddesses are merely conjectures and names with no reality.
  • The angels are the servants of Allah. There is no intercession that can work against Allah.
  • Allah is Merciful, but He requires righteousness.
  • Those who deny the truth are are standing against the power and majesty of Allah.
  • The Day of Judgment is approaching. There are references to Prophet Noah and the tribe of ‘Ad.
  • The Thamud tribe, Prophet Lot, and his people are all mentioned.
  • Pharaoh and his conceit.
  • In Makkah, opponents are asked if they believe they are better or more powerful than those nations.
  • The wrongdoers did face the consequences of their actions.
  • The various bounties of Allah.
  • Everything is finite, but Allah is infinite.
  • Everyone is reliant on Allah.
  • Warnings to the wrongdoers.
  • The rewards for the righteous.
  • The truth will be revealed.
  • Humanity will be divided into three groups: those on the right, those on the left, and those who are most religious.
  • The reward for those who believe.
  • The guilty and their punishment. Arguments about the Tawhid and Akhirah.
  • The Qur’an and its unchanging message Reminds us of death, divine judgment, and the concepts of reward and punishment.



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