Sick In Arabic
Sick In Arabic

How To Say I’m Sick In Arabic (Ill) Plus Other Vocabularies

Health plays a huge part in our life. This list contains Arabic words and expressions which are used in relation to health and sickness.


One of the reasons you might be reading this article is because you are wondering how to say I’m sick in Arabic and many more. So we made this vocabulary list about health and sick in Arabic. 

You can use these to ask about someone’s health, describe your health condition in Arabic, the symptoms you feel, express how  your health condition has improved, and how to wish a sick person a recovery, but you can also simply add these terms to your expanding Arabic vocabulary.

How To Say Sick In Arabic?

The Arabic word for sick is pronounced mariid and written as ﻣَﺮِﻳﺾ. The Arabic word word for sick can also be conjugated, mariida, written as ﻣَﺮِﻳﻀَﺔ is an Arabic word for sick used for feminine singular while ﻣَﺮِﻳﻀَﺎﺕ pronounced as mariidaat is used for feminine plural.

Other Arabic word for sick are as follows:


  • مريض  sick, ill, unwell, ailing, diseased, sickly
  • مرضي  sick, pathological, morbid, fulfilling
  • مصاب  sick, scorbutic
  • سقيم  puny, sick, wan, unwell, ill, rickety
  • عليل  queer, below par, sick, ill, bland
  • به علة  sick
  • مغثي  queasy, sick
  • متقزز  disgusted, revolted, sick
  • غير صحي unsanitary, unhygienic, insalubrious, insanitary, sickly, sick
  • شاحب  pale, paly, pallid, sallow, haggard, sick
  • مُعْتَلّ  ailing, sick, unhealthy, invalid

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How To Say I’m Sick In Arabic

The most common ways to I’m sick in Arabic are:

  • I am sick (male) in Arabic   انا ﻣَﺮِﻳﺾ
  • I’m sick (female) in Arabic   أنا ﻣَﺮِﻳﻀَﺔ
  • You are sick (male) in Arabic   انتَ ﻣَﺮِﻳﺾ
  • You are sick (female) in Arabic   انتِ ﻣَﺮِﻳﻀَﺔ
  • I don’t feel well in Arabic  أنا لست بصحة جيدة
I'm sick in Arabic

The Arabic word شَعَر بِـ (sha’ara bi) is used to express how or what you feel. For example:

I have a stomach ache in Arabic is أشعر بألم في المعدة

The most common ways to ask about someone’s health in Arabic are:


  • How do you feel (today)? In Arabic  بماذا تشعر(اليوم)؟
  • How are you feeling? كيف تشعر الان؟
  • Is everything okay?  هل كل شيء على ما يرام؟

They will most likely respond:

  • I’m fine in Arabic   أنا بخير
  • I feel sick in Arabic   أشعر بالمرض
  • Not so good in Arabic  لستُ بحالة جيدة
  • Not very well in Arabic  لستُ جيدًا 
  • I don’t feel well in Arabic  أنا لست على ما يرام

If the person wants to say what is wrong, they may give the reason they feel that way:

  • I feel pain in my ear  أشعر بألم في أذني
  • I feel pain in my teeth  أشعر بألم في أسناني
  • I feel pain in my back أشعر بألم في ظهري
  • I have a headache  عندي صداع
  • I’ve got a sore throat  عندي التهاب في الحلق

Other Words Related To Sick In Arabic

Here is list of Arabic words related to sick and their meanings.


Arabic English
دَوِيَ ; عُلّ ; مَرِضَ ; اِعْتَلّbe sick
قمح مريضsick wheat
شَبِعَ (مِنْ) ; بَشِمَ مِنْ ; سَئِمَ (الشّيْءَ أو مِنْهُ)sick of
إجَازَةٌ مَرَضِيّةsick leave
أمْرَضَ ; تَبَلَ ; لَوّعَ ; أغْثَىmake sick
اِنْحَرَفَتْ صِحّتُهُ ; تَوَعّكَ ; اِنْحَرَفَ مِزَاجُهُslightly sick
مَرَضُ النّوْم ; نُوَامsleeping sickness
اِعْتِلال; دَوىً ; داء ; سَقَم ; عِلّة ; مَرَضsickness: (noun)
داءُ الإشْعاعradiation sickness
شَلَلُ الغُوّاصdecompression sickness
دَنِف ; مَرِيضseriously ill
زَمَانة ; عَجْزchronic illness
مَرَضُ المَوْتlast illness
اِعْتِلال; دَوىً ; داء ; سَقَم ; عِلّة ; مَرَضillness: (noun)

There you have it, new list of vocabulary to help you talk about sick in Arabic! Please tell us in the comment section if there are some vocabulary topics that you would like to review.