How Are You In Arabic
How Are You In Arabic

How Are You In Arabic – 5 Pharses Plus Pronounciation

One of the most common phrases for starting a conversation is “How are you?” It can even be used to greet someone by saying hello in Arabic. So learning how to say how are you in Arabic is extremely useful.


In this article, you will:

  • Learn how to say how are you in Arabic in formal situations. 
  • Learn how to respond to how are you in Arabic. 
  • Discover the ways to say how are you to a female, male, dual and plural 

How Are You In Arabic

The formal way to say how are you in Arabic is written as كيف حالك؟ and transliterated Kayfa Haluka. It is modern standard Arabic, understood by all Arabs and used mostly in formal writing. The phrase is conjugated depending on the addressee.

How Are You in Arabic To A Female

In Arabic, when talking to a female, the appropriate pharse to say how are you is كيف حالكِ pronounced as Kayfa Haluki. This is because verbs and words are conjugated to agree with the pronoun.

How Are You In Arabic To A Man

The most common way to say how are you to a man in Arabic is كيف حالك and transliterated as Kayfa Haluka. This is pretty international and used across the Arab world.


The table below include the most frequently used phrases to ask how are you, both for a male and female. The phrase is conjugated depending on the addressee as summarized in the table.

Masculine singularكيف حالكَKayfa Haluka
Feminine singularكيف حالكِKayfa Haluki
Two males or femalesكيف حالكماKayfa Halukoma
Three or more malesكيف حالكُمKayfa Halukom
Three or more femalesكيف حالُكُنَّKayfa Halukonna

How To Pronounce How Are You In Arabic

The video below will help learn how to pronounce how are correctly in Arabic language.

How To Respond To How Are You?” in Arabic

If someone asks you this question, there are many personalized and formal ways to reply in Standard Arabic. The most common answer is أنا بخير، شكراً, pronounced as Ana bikhaer, shokran” which is translated as ‘I am fine, thanks’.

Or you could answer positively as بخير والحمدلله Bikhaer wal hamdulillah which serves a similar meaning ‘Good and thanks for Allah’.

On the other hand, if you were not feeling good and you want to express that, you can say “لست بخير Lastu bikhaer”, and its translation is ‘I am not good’. You can also say “أنا مريض Ana marid” if you were sick.


Check out the table below for an easy view on some ways to respond to how are you in standard Arabic.

أنا بخيرI am great
أنا جيدI am good
أنا بخيرI am OK
لست سيئاًI am not bad
أنا جيد جداًI am pretty good
أنا أبلي حسناًI am doing well / great / good
لا يمكنني أن أكون أفضلI could not be better
لا أستطيع الشكوىI cannot complain
لقد كنت بحال أفضلI have been better
كان لدي أيام أفضلI have had better days from
How Are You In Arabic

Other Ways To Say “How are you?” in Arabic

It’s best to learn the other ways to say “How are you?” in Arabic, then pick one, and use that construction when you speak.

How are you doing?       كيف أو ماذا تفعل

The literal translation of this question is how do you do it. As you know, we use it informally to ask how our friends are, people we’ve known for quite some time and can’t use it for our boss or someone we just met.


How is it doing?   كيف تسير الحياة / الأمور

This is also informal way to ask your family and friends about something. For example: 

  • كيف تجري الأمور يا بني؟ هل كل شيء على ما يرام

Meaning: how is it doing son? Is everything OK.

  • كيف تسير الأمور يا عمر؟ 

How are things Omar?

What’s up?          كيف الحال /ماذا حصل؟ 

Another informal and funny way to ask how is your family and friends is the above question.


How are you is such an important phrase to learn when starting conversational Arabic. As we have known, different languages have come up with very different ways of saying it.

Hopefully, now you can feel comfortable traveling anywhere in the Arab-speaking world and make special connections by asking how are you in Arabic.

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