Al Qadir Allah name
Al Qadir Allah name

Al Qadir Allah Name Meaning In English (The All-Powerful)

Al Qadir Allah name means The All-Powerful, the one who is able to do all things, nothing renders Him incapable or wearies Him.


The one perfect in His power, the one who by His power created everything in existence and with His power He controls them, completes them, and gives life and death to them, and with His power He will resurrect resurrect the servants and reward and punish them, whenever He wishes something He says ‘Kun’ (Be), and it is.

Allah is Al-Qaadir, that is, He is able to do whatever He wills and has power over everything. He is in no way affected by helplessness or weakness.

Nothing in the heavens or the earth can ever frustrate His plan.

Al-Qadir in Arabic

Here is how to write Al Qadir in Arabic text.



Al Qadir Allah Name Meaning

AI-Qadeer (the Ever Able) which means the One whose ability is complete and perfect; He is the One who creates manages all affairs, makes things in the best form, guides, sends astray, gives life, causes death, and the One who will resurrect all His slaves for the final judgedment, and He is able over all things.

Al-Qadir in Quran

This Name comes many times in the Qur’an. Some of the places include;

Al-Qadir then is the One to Whom belongs the full Power to do and determine whatever He plans in due measure and proportion, to the extent that nothing could frustrate Him:

For We do determine (according to need), for We are the Best to determine (things).

Surah Al-Mursalat 23

Thus, He is the One to Whom it is entrusted to deal with the matters of all of His creatures, each according to his needs and requirements, with nothing of that to divert him from the other; and that’s because, as we referred to earlier, His treatment of all of His creatures is as easy as it is of a single soul.


He is the One Who has power to do everything as it necessitates to be, with no reduction nor addition.

It is not surprising to see that the Night of Power Qadr is derived from His Own Power and Might, in order to be able to carry the most serious, the greatest, and the most important matter, i.e. the revelation of the Holy Qur’an, the last of Allah’s Scriptures, which prevails over them all, as well as Islam has full control over all the previous religions.

But, it is not within the capacity of anyone to make just estimate of Allah’s Power except He Alone; and this is what He states:


No just estimate have they made of Allah, such as is due to Him: on the Day of Judgment the whole of the earth will be but His handful, and the heavens will be rolled up in His right hand: Glory to Him! High is He above the Partners they attribute to Him! Surah Az-Zumar 67.

This Holy Statement tells about such as failed to estimate Allah’s Majesty as just and right as it should be due to Him, and had they had a just estimate of Him, surely they would not have ascribed partners to Him.

Al Qadir Allah name
Al Qadir Allah name

Ya Qadiru Benefits

  • Truly relying on Allah, Glorified and Sublime be He, being totally attached to Him alone and having confidence that He is sufficient for us.
  • Being assured of Allah’s mercy, Exalted be He, recognizing His infinite wisdom, anticipating His graciousness when struck by all types of adversities.
  • Avoiding oppression in all its forms, especially oppressing Allah’s slaves, for Allah, Exalted be He, is able to support the oppressed and punish the oppressors.
  • Making use of whatever skills and ability Allah has given us in ways that are pleasing to Him and being careful not to use them in ways that are displeasing to Him, for He is able to take them from an altogether.
  • Not being deluded by our ability and recognising that there is no power or might except with Allah and thus tum to Allah alone for everything.

According to Ibn Abbas, as to those who fail to have a just estimate of Allah Almighty as is due to Him, they are the unbelievers and pagans, who have no faith in His Power over them.

And whoever believes in the fact that He has power over all things, has, in fact, made a just estimate of Allah, as should be due to Him, and whoever believes not in Allah’s Power over all things, has, in fact, made no just estimate of Allah as should be due to Him.

Allah’s Power then necessitates that He has the ability to do such as He plans and intends by Himself, with no need of others to assist Him, for indeed, His Power is Absolutely Perfect.

Thus, no failure could seize Him at all.

It is enough for Him, once He intends to do a thing, to say to it “Be”, and it is soon, within a time even shorter than the twinkling of an eye.

How Does Man Acquire The Good Manners Related to that Name?

If one is doomed to receive Allah’s Favour of some power with which he is endued, or a good portion of authority, with which he becomes strong enough to enforce his commands, he then has to stick to the best conduct required by that characteristic:

He has to keep himself away from tyranny and oppression, and refrain from committing injustice against his people, putting in mind that if Allah Almighty has granted him something, say power, He also has granted others many things: to be sure, above such as endued with knowledge, there is one who is more knowledgeable.

This statement applies to all similar characteristics and merits.

According to a certain narration, “If your power makes alluring to you to be unjust to the people, remember soon Allah’s Power over you.”

It is out of Allah’s Wisdom to grant an oppressor the power therewith to revenge from another wrongdoer.

But this does not mean that by doing so, the wrongdoer should be delivered from His Punishment.

According to a famous statement, “the Wrongdoer might function as Allah’s Sword on earth, therewith He exacts retribution (from the oppressors), and then, He exacts retribution from him.”

How beautiful the power is when it is practiced in association with justice, bounty and humility:

if Allah Almighty grants power to anyone of His servants, who, in tum, adorns it with those good characteristics,he, indeed, has attained much more good, which none attain but a few of people.

It is a part of the good manners related to that Name that one endued with power should always be careful of Allah’s Power over him: this enjoins upon him that he should not go on disobedience of Allah, nor should he lag behind his lusts and desires, for indeed, the Eye of the All-Powerful never sleeps.

And one’s deeds are kept on record against him; and there will come a day, when he will be reckoned for all that he did in the world.

So, let him hasten to tum to Allah in repentance, so that He Almighty would turn to him in mercy and forgiveness.

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