Al Aziz name of Allah
Al Aziz name of Allah

Al Aziz Name of Allah Meaning In English (The All Mighty)

Al Aziz name of Allah: Al Aziz is one of the beautiful names of Allah and it means The All Mighty or The Invincible. The all mighty one whom nothing can overcome.


The one mighty in vengeance when He punishes His enemies. The all powerful one who overcomes all and before whose might all submit and who has no need of anyone.

Al Aziz Name Of Allah Meaning In English

Al Azeez (the One Exalted in Might) is He, Who is too inviolable, unchallengeable and unbreakable to be overpowered.

It is He Alone Who has the absolute power and might to enforce His Will however, whatever and whenever He pleases, in spite and against the will of whomever He pleases.

In this respect, He has no match, nor rival, for indeed, there is no power nor might but with Him Almighty; and all of His creatures have no access to His Majesty.


No doubt, when one, whatsoever strong, is assured that it is He Almighty Who has the true power, apart from others, he highly admires Him, appreciates His Glory and Magnificence, and thus he submits with humility to His Power and Might.

How Many Times is Al Malik Mentioned in The Quran?

The Name Al Azeez (the Exalted in Might) occurs nearly one hundred times in the Qur’an, in most of which it is mentioned in the company of the Name Al Hakeem”(the All-Wise). (Surah Al-Baqarah verse 129).

Al Aziz Benefits

Benefits of belief in this name include the following:

  • Testifying that Allah is the only God who deserves to be worshipped with-out any partners, for partnership contradicts perfect might and honour.
  • Declaring that He is free from every evil and imperfection and glorifying and venerating Him.
  • Fearing Allah, seeking refuge in Him, renouncing any claim to might and power, attributing all might and strength to Him alone, for His command will surely come to pass, and asking Him to make us righteous and help us adhere to the truth.
  • Rising above falsehood and those who uphold it, for honour and might be-long to Allah and those who obey His commands; as for those who seek honour and might from other than Allah, they will find nothing but utter disgrace.
  • Not cherishing the thought that we can gain honour and power through such worldly ambitions as wealth and power, for these might cause us humilia-tion instead.
  • We should seek true bosom and power from Allah alone. Showing compassion and humbleness towards the believers is one the causes of gaining honour and might.
  • Gaining Honour and might can be attained by referring to Allah’s Noble Book (the Qur’an), which overcomes those who oppose it and honours and raises the status of those who act according to it and call others to it.
Al Aziz name of Allah
Al Aziz name of Allah

According to Al-Ghazali, one is not worthy of having such a characteristic unless he has three merits: he should have no matches nor likes; there should be much need of him; and he should be inaccessible.

Those three merits should be combined for him, if he is to be described as exalted in might; and in the absence of any of those, he should be deprived of this characteristic.


In the world, there are so many things, which have no matches of their kinds.

But on the other hand, they might not be too significant to be needed for; and even if they are so, they might not be unattainable; and thus, they have no claim over the characteristic.

Consider, for instance, the sun, whose benefit is evident, and it has no like (at least in the solar system available to us).


But, it could, by no means, be regarded as inaccessible: it is easy to see it, and make sense of its heat, from which one might protect himself if he so likes.

The Honour cannot be granted to anyone but by Allah, for it belongs to Him Alone, and He Alone has the right and claim to give or withhold it from such of His servants as He pleases.

Indeed, Allah Almighty assigns power, might and honour to Himself, and He grants a portion thereof, out of His Bounty and Generosity, to such as He likes.

It is noticeable then that Allah Almighty, the Exalted in Might, grants power and honour to His devotees and believing servants, who seek honour and power with Him Alone, and not with any of His creatures.

For this reason, whoever wants to be granted power, let him keep good relation with Allah Almighty, hold fast by the rope of faith in Allah, and keep himself away from seeking honour and power with others in derogation of Allah.

In this connection, it is narrated that “Whoever seeks power and honour with a people in derogation of Allah Almighty, Allah then puts him to humiliation, shame and disgrace at their hands.

Al Aziz name of Allah

What Does The Name Of Allah al-Aziz Mean?

Al Aziz means The All Mighty, Allah’s Might is everlastingly eternal, which neither changes nor perishes; and whomever is granted power by Him, the effect of it becomes visible on him not only during his lifetime, but also after his death:

For this reason, one should seek power but with Allah Alone, and he should not put himself to humiliation at the hands of anyone of mankind whatsoever.

Thus, he raises himself high above all points of disgrace and shame, keeping in mind the following narration:

It is narrated by Ahmad on the authority of lbn Abbas that once he was riding behind the Messenger of Allah “Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him” when the Messenger of Allah “Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him” said to him:

O boy! I’m going to instruct you in some words (upon which you should act): Keep Allah (in all of your deeds), so that He would keep you; keep Allah (in all of your affairs) so that you would find Allah in front of you.

If you ask for something, ask none but Allah; and if you seek help, seek not but the help of Allah.

You should know that if the whole nation gather to benefit you, they will not be (a source of) benefit to you but with what Allah has decreed for you; and if all of them gather to do harm to you, in no way will they harm you but with what Allah has decreed on you.

The Pens (with which the Divine Decrees are written) have been lifted, and the documents (in which such Decrees are recorded) have been folded up (since Allah Almighty preordained all things and finished from recording all the Decrees even before creating the creation).”

How does one acquire the etiquette of that Name?

The one endued with power from amongst the people is he, who is a source of benefit to others, supports the weak among the people, and fulfills the needs of those who are in need among them, while sticking to this statement:

It should be known that the people’s needs entrusted to you to fulfill are out of Allah’s Favours and Graces upon you.

For this reason, do not be exhausted by them, because by doing so, you, in deed, become tired of Allah’s Favours.

Furthermore, the one endued with power among the people is he, with the help of whose guidance, the hearts of others are filled with faith, by pointing out to them the right way of Allah Almighty, and showing to the faithful believers the Light of Allah, the Exalted in Might, in Whose Cause, he strives his utmost with might and main.

Such also is the one, who never puts himself to humiliation before anyone barring Allah Almighty.

The power of anyone becomes a cause of honour to him if it is sought with, and in the shade of Allah Almighty; and if it is just for showing arrogance, haughtiness and insolence, it becomes a cause of Allah’s displeasure and wrath upon him.

That’s because one’s humbleness to Allah Almighty is a cause of highness and supremacy, in view of the saying of the Messenger of Allah “Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him” in this respect:

“Whoever shows humbleness to Allah Almighty, He raises him high (in degree and position), and whoever proves arrogant and insolent towards Him, He lowers him down (to the lowest bottom).”

As regards the celebration of Allah by that Name, it is well-known that whoever keeps mentioning the Name “Al-‘ Azeez” (the Exalted in Might), Allah Almighty grants him power after weakness, makes him independent after neediness, and self-sufficient after poverty, and gives him safety after fear.

It is relevant to supplicate Allah Almighty with the following supplication, by His Name “Al-‘ Azeez” (the Exalted in Might):

“O my God: You are the Exalted in Might, to Whom the needs (and affairs) of all the servants are entrusted, and You are the One Full of Magnificence and Greatness, Whose Power is inviolable and unbreakable.


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