Al Muqtadir Name of Allah

Al Muqtadir Name of Allah Meaning In English (The Omnipotent)

Al Muqtadir name of Allah means The Omnipotent, the one whose power is absolute, the one for whom nothing is impossible, He is fully able to do whatever He wishes.


Al Muqtadir In Quran

This Name occurs four times in the Qur’an:

Some scholars try to put a distinction between both Names of Al-Qadir (All-Powerful) and Al-Muqtadir (the Omnipotent): with the help of the former, He has power to bring into being such as He likes from nothing, as well as to cause to nothing from existence such as He wills

And with the help of the latter, He has power to maintain the creatures in such a way as none barring He is able to do, out of His Bounty and Kindness towards them.

Al Muqtadir Name of Allah Meaning

AI-Muqtadir (the Omnipotent) then is not only the One Who has power, but also Who is able to prevail, and really He prevails, over all of His creatures, in the heavens and on earth, and what is between them.


In this way, it is stronger in significance than Al-Qadir (All-Powerful), even though both are characteristics that belong but to Allah Almighty.

Consider here how this Name comes in association with the Sovereign: soon you will find how great and magnificent the Dominion of Allah, which none has power to create but He Almighty, and it is not befitting for anyone barring Allah to have the like of it.

As to the righteous, they will be admitted to Gardens of Bliss, with rivers flowing underneath them, in contrast with the wicked unbelievers, who will be dragged on their faces into the fire of Hell.

Those faithful believers will be in “Assembly of Truth, in the Presence of a Sovereign Omnipotent”, i.e. they will have their abode of dignity and honour, out of the Grace, Bounty, and Good Pleasure of Allah Almighty, the Creator of all things, the Disposer of all things, and Whose Power is over all things.

It is narrated by Ahmad and Muslim on the authority of Abdullah lbn Umar that The Messenger of Allah, Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him, said:


Behold! the Dispensers of justice will be seated on the pulpits of light beside Allah, on the right side of the Merciful “Exalted and Glorified be He”; and both His sides are right. (The Dispensers of justice are) those who do justice in their rules, in matters relating to their families and in all that put under their custody.

How does one get the etiquette of that Name?

One should observe the High Station, Glory, Majesty and Magnificence of Allah Almighty, and know how Great, Powerful, and Omnipotent He is, from Whom nothing could be hidden, for His Power means He has full control over all things He has created, and He is able to dispose of them all in the way and manner He likes.

For this reason, one has to fear Him more, just as He should be feared, ward off evil, safeguard himself from His Punishment, and protect himself against a Day whose evil will be distressful. this also means he should strive his utmost to get Allah’s Good Pleasure upon him, and tum to Him in all of his affairs.


If one is granted the power of authority over some people, he then, with the help of that Name, should observe Allah in all of his deeds, acts and words.

To be sure, although Allah has power over all of His servants, He, at the same time, is Most Forbearing, to the extent that He is not in haste to punish anyone: on the contrary, He always gives respite again and again, leaving he gates of repentance open to all the people.

Furthermore, He is at the peak of justice and fairness, that He never deals unjustly with anyone of His servants.

If one becomes well-aware of how all-embracing, comprehensive Allah’s Power is, he will be led to turn to Him Alone, apart from any of His creatures, seek His Help, refer all of his matters to Him, and put his trust in Him whenever he is befallen by difficulty.

If one remembers that Name in association with the Names Al-Qahhar (the Irresistible), Al-‘Azeez (the Exalted in Might), by which He celebrates Allah, and seeks relief from Him against a wrongdoer who deals with him unjustly, he will be helped by Allah take his right from him.


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