Al Hadi Name of Allah Meaning
Al Hadi Name of Allah Meaning

Al Hadi Name of Allah Meaning In English (The Guide)

Al Hadi name of Allah meaning is He Almighty opens the sights of His servants, in order to make clear to them the way of Him Almighty, so that they would bear witness to His Lordship; and, at the same time, He leads everyone to that to which he should be guided as long as he is alive.


Al Hadi In Quran

There are many occurrences of that Name; and a mention might be made of the following:

But, the verb form related to it comes so many times in the Qur’an.

Al Hadi Name of Allah Meaning In English

According to some knowledgeable men, Al-Hadi (the Guide) is He, Who leads His servants to be well-acquainted with His Existence on the one hand, and His Oneness and Uniqueness on the other hand, through whatever Clear Signs and Evidences in the universe He makes them witness, which points out His Lordship and Godhead.

He further guides His creatures to that upon which their lives are based in this world, and that with which they would be delivered from the punishment and torment of Allah in the hereafter.


As wen as Allah has guided mankind to the truth, He also made clear to them the best way therewith to know the right path of good, as distinct from that of evil, i.e. that He Almighty has given mankind the criteria of judgement between truth and falsehood:

Have We not made for him a pair of eyes? And a tongue, and a pair of lips? And shown him the two highways?

Surah Al-Balad verse 8 and 10

This guidance does not apply only to mankind: it includes also all of Allah’s creatures.

He has inspired to each of them the way of life, most fitting for it.

Allah Almighty guides the baby, at the first moment of his birth, to seek the breast of his mother, in order to have suck, as well as to raise up his hand, in one of the defensive mechanisms used to protect himself.

He Almighty guides the female bird to embrace its egg until it breaks so that a new-born one might come out.


He guides the animal to seek in the earth, in search for its food and shelter, the insect to the ditch in which it might hide itself in flight from what is harmful.

He further guides the male from each species to be attracted by the female, as well as the female to be inclined to the male, in order to keep the survival of such a type of animals or birds.

The scholars say:


Allah is He Who has created all things, and then has given everything created by Him whatever character, nature, stature, and features which suit it most: He Almighty has never given any type of creatures what has been given to another type.

According to some commentators, this is similar to Allah’s saying:

Who hath created, and further, given order and proportion; Who hath ordained laws. And granted guidance.

Surah Al-A’la verses 2 and 3

This suggests that He has decreed everything pertaining to sustenance, deeds, acts and the like of that, which all of His creatures follow in due proportion, and never could they deviate from, nor come out of it.

Al-Hadi (the Guide) is He, Who leads the righteous chosen ones from His servants to the wisdom and knowledge, in the same way as He guides the sinful from amongst His servants to tum to Him in repentance, so that He would tum to them in mercy and forgiveness.

Glory be to Him, Who always guides each one to what is most convenient to him in the world and the hereafter.

He guides all the animals to do what is beneficial for them, and refrain from what is harmful to them, with the help of such inclinations and dispositions as He placed in them.

Al-Hadi (the Guide) is also the One Who makes easy for His creatures the way of the truth, on the light of the laws He stipulated in the true Religion other than which He never accepts.

That might be by setting up the Clear Signs and Proofs which point to this fact; or through planting guidance in the hearts of such of His servants as He pleases, and in this way guidance takes the concept of knowledge as shown in His saying:

But Allah doth call to the Home of Peace: He doth guide whom He pleaseth to a Way that is straight.

Surah Yunus 25
Al Hadi Name of Allah Meaning
Al Hadi Name of Allah Meaning

How Does One Acquire The Good Manners Related To That Name?

Allah’s Name Al Hadi (the Guide) stimulates us to reflect the various aspects of Allah’s Creation, indicative of His inimitable matchless Power, which increases our faith in Hirn, with the result that we would never tum but to Him, nor would we put our trust but in Him, nor would we take shelter but to Him.

Allah Almighty invites us to seek guidance to Him from the knowledge; and knowledge becomes of no effect unless it leads to certainty of faith in the Only Creator, the Only God, the Only Allah, Who Alone has the right to be worshipped.

Since the scholars and scientists, from amongst the non-Muslims have been led, throughout their scientific researches and studies of many things in the outside universe, as well as inside the bodies, to have faith in the fact that the whole universe should belong in the end to one God, Who has created it with no partner to be joined to Him in this matter.

Besides the disposition and nature, Allah Almighty has granted mankind a valuable trust, and ordered him to use in the knowledge of his right path in the life, i.e. the mind, with which man has been given superiority to a greater portion of Allah’s creatures.

Thus, it is incumbent upon man to be guided aright to the way of His Creator, Whom he should give thanks for all of His Favours, in order that he would become fitting for the honour conferred upon him by Allah.

Based upon that, such as is granted the right guidance by Allah Almighty is required to work hard in order to convey the guidance to the others, as much as he could, even though the guidance is in the Hand of Allah Alone, and none has the power to guide such as Allah intends to leave him to stray, nor could one have power to lead such as Allah intends to guide to the right way.

But all we have to do is to strive our utmost, and the success in the end depends upon Allah Almighty.

It is narrated that the Messenger of Allah, Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him, instructed some of his companions to supplicate Allah with the following supplication:

O Allah! I seek Your Guidance to the best and the most rightly-guided of my affairs; and (I beseech You to) increase me in knowledge that would be of good profit to me.

The following supplication is important:

O Allah! Guide me to Your Light (of Truth); give me out of Your Bounty; and save me from everyone that is enemy to You, and from everything that might divert me from You. And grant me a tongue that never wearies of celebrating Your Praises, a heart that hearkens to the truth from You, a soul that is honored by having a vision of You, and a secret therewith I become well-versed in the reality of Your Nearness.

0 Allah! As well as You have created me (from nothing), guide me (to the truth and certainty of faith); and as well as You cause me to die, bring me to life once again; and endow me with knowledge that is fitting for Your Good Pleasure, and wisdom that is fitting for Your Commandments; and grant me a tongue of truth among Your servants, and make me one of the heirs of Your Garden.

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