Beloved Arabic
Beloved Arabic

Beloved Arabic Word And How To Say It

How do you say beloved in Arabic? Let’s go over the beloved Arabic vocabulary, synonyms and how to pronounce and write it in Arabic language.


Beloved In Arabic

The Arabic word for beloved, lovable is pronounced maHbuub and written ﻣَﺤﺒُﻮﺏ for  masculine singular maHbuuba ﻣَﺤﺒُﻮﺑَﺔ for feminine singular.

Beloved Arabic Vocabulary

  • Beloved   محبوب   mahboob
  • The beloved   المحبوب   Almahboob
  • My beloved   محبوبي   mahboobi or حبيبي habeebi
  • True love   الحب الحقيقي  alhubo al hakeeki
  • My true love  حبي الحقيقي  hubi al hakeeki
  • My love  حبي  hubi
  • My eternal love  حبي الأبدي  hubi al abadi

When you want to address your (love) you may use: (يا) ya. For example, Ya mahboobi (يا محبوبي) or ya habeebi (يا حبيبي) which means my beloved.

  • Ya hubi al hakeeki يا حبي الحقيقي my true love.
  • Ya hubi  يا حبي  my love.
  • Ya hubi al abadi يا حبي الأبدي  my eternal love.
  • beloved mother    امي الحبيبة
  • beloved father    ابي الحبيب or
  • beloved mother   والدتي الحبيبة
  • beloved father   والدي الحبيب
  • Beloved sister   اختي الحبيبة
  • Beloved brother   أخي الحبيب
  • Beloved wife   الزوجة الحبيبة
  • Beloved husband   الزوج الحبيب
  • beloved daughter   ابنه محبوبة
  • beloved son   الابن الحبيب
  • well-beloved   محبوب

Other Arabic Beloved Words

Other Arabic words that also means beloved in Arabic according to Alma’ny dictionary include:

  • Asiyr   أثِير
  • Habeeb   حَبِيب
  • Hibb   حِبّ
  • Ashiyqah   عَشِيقَة
  • Mahboob   مَحْبُوب
  • Mufaddal   مُفَضّل

Pharses And Expressions

زَوْجي الحَبيبMy beloved husband.
فقد زوجته الحبيبة العام الماضيHe lost his beloved wife last year.
حَبيبي غَلا في عَيْنيMy beloved is precious to me.
ﻗَﺪ ﻣَﺎﺕَ ﺷَﻬِﻴﺪﺍً ﻣَﻦ ﻣَﺎﺕَ ﻋَﻠَﻰ ﺩِﻳﻦِ ﺍَﻟﻤَﺤﺒُﻮﺏِHe who dies in the faith of his beloved, he dies as a martyr.


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