Brother in Arabic
Brother in Arabic

Brother In Arabic Language And How To Say It

On this page you will find a list of Arabic vocabulary for brother. This list includes brother in Arabic language, how to pronounce it and how to use it in Arabic sentences.


If you are travelling to an Arabic-speaking country or learning Arabic language then you’ll definitely find these words very useful!

How To Say Brother In Arabic

The most common Arabic word for brother is pronounced ‘akhkh and written ﺃَﺥّ. The plural form for brothers in Arabic is pronounced Ikhwan and written as إخْوان  (used mostly for blood brothers; also pronounced UKHWA).

How Do Pronounce Brother In Arabic

The correct pronunciation of brother can be found in the audio below.

My Brother In Arabic

The Arabic word for my brother is pronounced Akhi and written as أخـي. For example هذا أخي محمد, meaning this is my brother, Muhammad.


This is how to pronounce my brother in Arabic language.

My brother in Arabic
My brother in Arabic

Related Arabic Words For Brother

Below are some related Arabic words for brother in Arabic language.

  • Shaqiq   شَقِيق
  • half brother   أخٌ لأبٍ أو لأُمّ (غَيْرُ شَقِيق)
  • brotherly    إخائيّ أَخَويّ
  • Brother   أخ   Akh
  • My brother   أخـي   Akhi
  • Our brother أخـونـا Akhona OR أخـانـا Akhana
  • Your brother أخـوك Akhok(a) OR أخـاك Akhak(a) Brothers   إخوة   Ekhwa 
  • My brothers  إخـوتـي Ekhwati OR إخـوانـي
  • older brother   ﺍَﻟﺄَﺥُّ ﺍَﻟﻜَﺒِﻴﺮُ   al’akhul kabiiru
  • little brother  ﺍَﻟﺄَﺥُّ ﺍَﻟﺼَّﻐِﻴﺮُ   al’akhus Saghiir

Sentences Using Brother In Arabic

ArabicEnglish Translation
لديها اربعة إخوان كبارShe has four older brothers.
أخي مهندسMy brother is an engineer
أَخوكَ ظَريفٌ جِدًّاYour brother is a real laugh.
لديّ أخ واحدI have one brother.
لديها خمس إخوة أكبر منهاShe has five older brothers.
هُناكَ شَبَهٌ واضِحٌ بين الإخْوةِThere is a marked similarity between the brothers.
لديك أخوين أكبر منكYou have two older brothers.
لديها خمسة إخوان كبارShe has five older brothers.
ليس لديّ إخوةI don’t have any brothers.
موسى و عيسى أخوَيْنMusa and Isa are brothers.
هم إخوتيThey are my brothers.
لَهُ خَمْسةُ إخْوةٍHe has five brothers.
سَوْفَ يَأْتي أَخي لِيَأْخُذَني في 10 صَباحاًMy brother is coming for me at 10 am.
لَدى أَخيها أَرْبَعةُ أَطْفالٍ، أَمّا هي فَلَيْسَ لَدَيْها أَطْفالٌ‬Her brother has four children, but she has none.
تشاجرت مع أخي الكبير البارحةI had a fight with my older brother yesterday.
تَجادَلْتُ مع أَخي حول هذا الأَمْرِI had an argument with my brother about it.
يعمل أبي وأخي في هذا المصنعMy father and my brother work in this factory.
أَخي أَكْبَرُ مِنّي بِتِسْعِ سَنَواتٍMy brother is nine years older than me.
الولد الذي يغسل السيارة هو أخيThe boy washing the car is my brother.
اِشترت أمي مظلة صفراء لأخيMy Mother bought a yellow umbrella for my brother.
أتستطيع أن تفرق توم من أخيه؟Can you tell Tom from his twin brother?
لا يمكنني أن أفرّق بينه وبين أخيهI cannot tell him from his brother.
أَخْطَأْتُ بَيْنَكَ وَبَيْنَ أَخيكَI mixed you up with your brother.
أَنْتَظِرُ مَجيءَ أَخي هذا المَساءَI’m expecting my brother tonight.
أَخوهُ فَقيرٌ، لَكِنَّهُ غَنيٌّHis brother is poor, but he is rich.
أَخوها فَقيرٌ، لَكِنَّها غَنيّةٌHer brother is poor, but she is rich.
انْتَجَعَ الرَجُلُ أَخاهُThe man sought refuge with his brother.
عمر ليس أخي ، بل ابن عميUmar is not my brother, but my cousin.
ساعدني أخي أن أحل واجبيMy brother helped me with my homework.
اخي طبيبMy brother is a doctor.


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