Coffee in Arabic
Coffee in Arabic

How To Say Coffee in Arabic Language Plus Coffee Shop, Powder And Bean

In this lesson, we will learn how to say coffee in Arabic, how to pronounce it and lots of vocabularies related to coffee in the Arabic language.


How To Say Coffee in Arabic

The Arabic word for coffee is pronounced qahwa and written ﻗَﻬﻮَﺓ while the tea is written as القهوة and the pronunciation is alqahwa. Another Arabic word that means coffee is بُنّ and is transliterated as bunn.

Is Coffee Feminine In Arabic?

Yes, the Arabic word for coffee is feminine. This is due to the fact that the word has taa murbud’a (ة) which is one of the feminity signs in the Arabic language.

Coffee bean in Arabic

The Arabic word for coffee bean is pronounced hubuubul qahwa and written as حبوب القهوة.

Coffee shop in Arabic

The Arabic word for coffee shop is pronounced maqhaa and written ﻣَﻘﻬَﻰ.


Coffee Powder In Arabic

Coffee powder in Arabic is written as بن مطحون and the pronunciation is bunnun mathuhuun.

Read Tea in Arabic

  • I want coffee in Arabic is أريد ﻗَﻬﻮَﺓ
  • Do you want to drink tea? هل تريد أن تشرب ﻗَﻬﻮَﺓ؟
  • I want to drink tea أريد أن أشرب ﻗَﻬﻮَﺓ
  • I am Drinking (drink) tea أَنَا أَشْرَبُ ﻗَﻬﻮَﺓ
  • She is drinking (drinks) tea هِيَ تَشْرَبُ ﻗَﻬﻮَﺓ
  • He is drinking (drinks) tea هُوَ يَشْرَبُ ﻗَﻬﻮَﺓ
  • They are drinking (drink) tea هُمْ يَشْرَبُونَ ﻗَﻬﻮَﺓ
  • You are drinking (drink) tea انت تَشْرَبُ ﻗَﻬﻮَﺓ

Arabic Words Related To Coffee

Coffeeالبن؛ القهوة
Black coffeeقهوة سادة
Arabian coffeeالقهوة العربية
American coffeeقهوة أمريكية
Coffee tableطَرَبِيزَة
Coffee milk in Arabic القهوة واللبن
Coffee man in Arabic عامل مقهى
Iced Coffeeالقهوة المثلجة
Coffee Tables in Arabic طاولات القهوة
Coffee Maker in Arabic إبريق القهوة
Coffee Grinders in Arabic مطاحن البن
Coffee Drinks in Arabic مشروبات القهوة
Morning coffeeقهوة الصباح
Coffee- flavoured in Arabic بنكهة القهوة
Coffee in Arabic


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