Room in Arabic
Room in Arabic

Room in Arabic (Vocabulary List For Beginners)

If you’re a guest in an Arab family’s home it would be very useful to get acquainted with the various vocabulary words for the rooms in the house.


Learn the Arabic room vocabulary with transliteration and English translation. Learn the various room in Arabic, appliances, furniture, and home decoration.

How To Say Room in Arabic

The most common Arabic word for room is غُرْفَة and the transliteration is ghurfah. The word ghurfah has other meaning such as cell, chamber, and compartment.

Other Arabic Words for room include:

  • Hujrah حُجْرَة
  • Saalah صالَة
  • Qaa’ah قاعَة
  • Majaal مَجَال
  • Makaan مَكَان

Plural Of Room in Arabic

The plural form for room is غُرَف and the pronounciation is ghuraf. It is feminine plural.


Arabic Names For Various Rooms

Here is a list of room names in Arabic along with their transliteration and meaning in English:

Dining room غُرْفَةُ الأكْل ; غُرْفَة طَعَامٍ Ghurafatul akhl
Waiting roomغُرْفَةُ انْتِظَارGhurfatun intidhar
Upstairs roomعُلّيّة (البَيْتِ)Ulliyyah
Living room غُرْفَةُ جُلُوسGhurfatun Julus
Kitchen in Arabic مطبخMatbakh
Bedroomغُرْفَةُ النومGhurfatun nawm
Toilet in ArabicحمامHammam
Sitting roomغُرْفَةُ جُلُوسGhurfatun Julus
Bathroom حمامHammam
Basement in ArabicقبوQabu
Balcony in ArabicشرفةShurfa
Garden in ArabicحديقةHadiiqah
Patio in Arabic فناءFinaa
Garage in ArabicمرأبMa’rab
Attic in ArabicعليةUliyyaya
Drawing room غُرْفَةُ (أو قاعَةُ) اِسْتِقْبالGhurfatu istiqbaal
Coffee roomمَقْهىًMaqhy
Dancing room مَرْقَصMarqas
Conference roomمَجْلِسMajlis
Autopsy roomمَشْرَحَةMashraha
Space room مَحَلّMahal
Refreshment room مَقْصَفMaqsaf
Reception roomصالُونSaaluun
Prayer roomزاوِيَةZawiyah
Guest roomمَضَافَةMadhaafa
Rooms in Arabic

My Room In Arabic

In Arabic, “my room” can be translated as “غرفتي” which is pronounced as “ghurfati”. The word “غرفة” (ghurfa) means “room” and the possessive suffix “ـي” (-i) indicates that the room belongs to “me”. So, if you want to say “my room” in Arabic, you would say “غرفتي” (ghurfati).

Dinning Room in Arabic

The Arabic word for dining room is “غرفة الطعام” (ghurfat at-ta’aam). The word “غرفة” (ghurfa) means “room” and “الطعام” (at-ta’aam) means “food” or “meal”.

Therefore, “غرفة الطعام” (ghurfat at-ta’aam) literally means “the room of food” or “the room of meals”.

This term is commonly used in Arabic-speaking countries to refer to the room where people eat their meals and gather with their families or guests.


Dinning room in Arabic

Sitting Room in Arabic

The Arabic term for sitting room is “غرفة الجلوس” (ghurfat al-julus). The word “غرفة” (ghurfa) means “room” and “الجلوس” (al-julus) means “sitting”.

Therefore, “غرفة الجلوس” (ghurfat al-julus) literally means “the room of sitting”. This term is commonly used in Arabic-speaking countries to refer to the room where people sit and relax, entertain guests, or socialize with family and friends.

Learn Arabic words For each basic component of a sitting room:


Carpet in Arabicسجادة
Vase in Arabic مزهرية
Window in Arabic نافذة
Sofa in Arabic أريكة
Curtains in Arabic ستائر
Wall in Arabic حائط
Rug in Arabic بساط
Chair in Arabicكرسي
Coffee table in Arabicطربيزة، طاولة قهوة
Sitting room in Arabic

Bedroom in Arabic Language

In Arabic language, “Bedroom” is “غُرْفَةُ الْنَّوْم” (pronounced “ghurfatu an-nawm”). “غُرْفَة” (ghurfah) means “room”, and “الْنَّوْم” (an-nawm) means “sleep”.

So when you combine the two words, “غُرْفَةُ الْنَّوْم” (ghurfatu an-nawm), it literally translates to “sleeping room” or “room of sleep”, which is the equivalent of the English word “bedroom”.

It’s worth noting that Arabic is a very rich language with many dialects and variations, so there may be other regional terms used for “bedroom” as well.

However, “غُرْفَةُ الْنَّوْم” is the most common and widely understood term for “bedroom” in Modern Standard Arabic, which is the standardized form of the language used in media, education, and formal settings throughout the Arab world.

Bedroom in Arabic


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