Family In Arabic
Family In Arabic

Family In Arabic (Complete Family Members Vocabulary List)

In this lesson, You will be learning the basic vocabulary of the family in Arabic. You will learn for instance how to say words like mother and father, brother and sister, and more family members in Arabic language.


These vocabulary lists cover the immediate family, extended family, specific words for steps and in-laws as well as words concerning adoption, family trees and genealogy.

How Do You Say Family in Arabic?

The Arabic word for family is “الأسرة or العائلة” (pronounced as “al’usra” or “al-Aa’ila”).

The Nuclear Family in Arabic

In Arabic, the word أسرة (usrah) means your closest family, or what we often term the “immediate family” in English. Learning how to describe it is important for basic conversations. That’s why we’ll teach you crucial words like Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Daughter and Son in Arabic.

English      Arabic    Transliteration


  • Brother            أخ         akh
  • Sister              أخت              ukhuy
  • Mother              أم              um
  • Father              أب              abb
  • Son              إبن              ibn
  • Daughter              إبنة    ibnah

Extended Family in Arabic

Of course, most families are bigger than that. You might want to talk about your third cousins and your great great grandmother in Arabic, too. The following is a list of extended family members in Arabic.

English       Arabic        Transliteration

  • Grandfather            جد        jad
  • Grandmother          جدة      jadddah
  • Grandson        حفيد              ḥafīd
  • Granddaughter       حفيدة   ḥafīdah
  • Paternal Uncle      عم                amm
  • Paternal Aunt            عمة        ammah
  • Maternal Uncle          خال      khal
  • Maternal Aunt              خالة       khalah
  • Cousin on Father’s Side         إبن عم / إبن عمة         ibn amm / ibn ammah
  • Cousin on Mother’s Side    إبن خال / إبن خالة        ibn khal / ibn khalah

Arabic vocabulary for the in-laws and step family

  • Son-in-law    زوج البنت    zawj al-bint
  • Daughter-in-law         زوجة الإبن        zawjatu al-ʾibn
  • Father-in-law            حمى      ḥamā
  • Mother-in-law         حماة        ḥamāh
  • Brother-in-law          أخ الزوج(ة          akh al-zawj(ah)
  • Sister-in-law          أخت الزوج(ة          ʾukht al-zawj(ah)
  • niece                ابنة اخ /اخت             ibnat akh/ukht
  • nephew          ابن اخ /اخت         ibn akh/ukht
Family In Arabic

Relationships In Arabic

English          Arabic            Pronunciation

  • Boyfriend         شريك          sharīk
  • Girlfriend          شريكة          šharīkah
  • Fiancé              خطيب              khatib
  • Fianceé        خطيبة          kḫaṭībah
  • Groom              عريس              ʿarīs
  • Bride              عروسة            ʿarusah
  • Partner        رفيق/ رفيقة       rafeeq/rafeeqa 
  • stepmother     زوجة الاب       zawjat al-ab
  • stepfather       زوج الأم          zawj al-umm
  • grandchildren      أحفاد       aHfaad
  • grandparents     جدوجدة     jadd wa-jadda
  • parents        والدان       waalidaan
  • children        اطفال       children
  • relatives       اقارب      aqaarib
  • generation    جيل        generation
  • twins          توئم           twins
  • Single        أعزب      A’zb
  • Married     متزوج   Mutazawj
  • Divorced   مطلق    Muttlq
  • Separated    منفصل    Munfasl
  • Widow       أرملة       Armlah
  • Widower     أرمل     Armal

Stages in Arabic

  • stages          مراحل       maraaHil
  • baby           رضيع          raDeeA
  • child            طفل            Tifl
  • boy              ولد           walad
  • girl              بنت          bint
  • teenager      مراهق     muraaHiq
  • adult        بالغ        adult
  • man         رجل     rajul
  • woman     امرأة    imra’a
Family In Arabic

Introduce Family in Arabic

The following list of short phrases can come in handy for introducing family members in social situations.

  • This is my father Umar he is engineer.   هذا والدي عمر هو مهندس 
  • This is my mother Aisha she is a teacher.  هذه والدتي عائشة هي معلمة 
  • This is my brother Ahmad he is a student.  هذا أخي أحمد وهو طالب 
  • This is my sister Fatima she is also a student.  هذه اختي فاطمة وهي طالبة ايضا 
  • This is my grandma هذه جدتي 
  • This is my grandpa  هذا جدي 

5 Sentences About My Family in Arabic

Here is how to write sentences about your family in Arabic with translation in English 


  • عائلتي تتكون من اخوين واختان. نحن لسنا عائلة كبيرة ولكن نحن عائلة سعيدة. والدي يعمل في احدى اكبر شركات الاتصالات، و والدتي هي معلمة رياضيات. اخي الاكبر عمره 29 سنة. هو متزوج ولديه طفلان. اخي الاصغر في الكلية، ويدرس برمجة الكمبيوتر.
  • اختي الكبيرة متزوجة، وهي ايضاً لديها بنتان جميلاتاً. واحدة عمرها 4 سنوت والاخرى 8 سنوات. اختي الصغرى هي صديقتي المفضلة، نحن نقضي معظم وقتنا سويتاً ندرس ونقوم بعمل واجباتنا. عندما يكون لدينا وقت فراغ نحب ان نلعب بالعاب الكمبيوتر. انا سعيدة مع عائلتي طوال الوقت.

Translation In English

  • My family consist of two brothers and two sisters. We are not a big family but we are happy family. My father works for one of the largest companies for telecom, and my mother is a math teacher. My oldest brother is 29 years old. He is married and has two kids. My younger brother is in college, he studies computer programming.
  • My older sister is married, and she also has two beautiful daughters. one is 4 years  old and the other one is 8 years old. my younger sister is my best friend, we spend most of the time together studying and doing homework. When we have free time we like to play computer games. I am happy with my family all the time.


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