Hobbies In Arabic
Hobbies In Arabic

Hobbies In Arabic: Easy Guide To Master Vocabulary

Hobbies are a great way to relax, have fun, and pursue our interests and passions. There is a wide variety of hobbies that people enjoy. Here are some of the most popular hobbies in Arabic. This list covers lots of activities including sports, games, music, arts and much more.


How To Say Hobby In Arabic?

The Arabic word for hobby is هِواية and pronounced hiwaaya and the plural form for hobby in Arabic is هوايات and the pronounciation is hiwaayaat.

Common Hobbies In Arabic

Here is a list of hobbies in Arabic, along with their translations:

EnglishArabic Hobbies
Photography in Arabicتَصْوير
Cooking in Arabicطَبْخ
Drawing in Arabicرَسْم
Sport in Arabicرِياضة
Dancing in Arabicرَقْص
Music in Arabicموسيقى
Painting in Arabicرَسْم
Fishing in Arabicصَيْدُ السَّمَك
Singing in Arabicغِناء
Knitting in Arabicحِياكَة
Walking in Arabicمشي
Gardening in Arabicبستنة
Computer/internet in Arabic الكمبيوتر / الإنترنت
Going to cinemaالذهاب إلى سينما
Reading in Arabicقِراءَة
Watching movies in Arabicمُشاهَدَةُ الافلام
on an instrument
Collecting… in Arabicتَجْميع
Gardening in Arabicزِراعَة
Acting in Arabicتَمْثيل
Family Time in Arabicقضاء الوقت مع الأسرة
Writing in Arabicكِتابَة
Sleeping in Arabicنوم
Traveling in Arabicسفر
Hunting in Arabicصيد
Exercise in Arabicممارسة الرياضة
Football in Arabicكرة القدم
Shopping in Arabicتسوق
Crafts in Arabicصناعات اليدوية
Housework in Arabicالأعمال المنزلية
Spiritual/religious Activities النشاطات الروحية/ الدينية
Relaxing in Arabicالاسترخاء
Socializing in Arabicتواصل الإجتماعي
Sewing in Arabicخياطة
Golf in Arabicجولف
Swimming in Arabicسباحة
Camping in Arabicتخييم
Hiking in Arabicالمشي لمسافات طويلة
Bicycling in Arabicركوب دراجات
Cooking in Arabicطبخ
Bowling in Arabicبولينج
Running in Arabicجري
Animal Care in Arabicرعاية حيوانات
Writing in Arabicكتابة
Baseball in Arabicبيسبول
Boating in Arabicركوب زوارق
Skiing in Arabicتزحلق
Skating in Arabicتزلج
Car racingسباق السيارات
Favorite hobbyالهواية المفضلة
Jigsaw puzzlesبانوراما الألغاز
Polo in Arabicبولو
Climbing in Arabicالتسلق
Horse riding in Arabicركوب الخيل
Gymnastics in Arabicرياضة بدنية
Archery in Arabicرماية
Shooting in Arabicإطلاق الرصاص
Hobbies In Arabic

My Hobbies in Arabic

My hobby in Arabic is written هِوايَتي and pronounced hiwaayati. You can start the sentence with هِوايَتي, then mention your hobbies or begin with ‘I like’ before taking about different hobbies. 

The subject is ‘I’ (أنا) and the verb is ‘to like’ (أحب). After we write I like (انا أحب) we than mention these hobbies as direct objects.


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How To Talk About Your Hobby in Arabic

These are my hobbies and some examples.

  • I like watching movies – انا أحب مشاهدة الافلام
  • I like surfing the net — انا أحب التصفُّح على الانترنت
  • I like meeting new friends – انا أحب التعرف على أصدقاء جُدد
  • I like cooking – انا أحب الطبخ
  • What is your hobby? ما هوايتك؟
  • What are your hobbies? ما هواياتك؟
  • My favorite hobby is swimming.  هوايتي المفضلة السباحة
  • I like reading novels  أحب قراءة الروايات
  • I love knitting  أحب حِياكَة
  • Chess is my favorite hobby  الشطرنج هوايتي المفضلة
  • My favorite hobby is snowboarding  هوايتي المفضلة التزلج على الجليد
  • Sarah’s favorite hobby is sewing هواية سارة المفضلة هي: الخياطة

Sport In Arabic

The Arabic word for sport is رِياضة and the pronunciation is riyaaDa. Many people in the Arab world love to participate in sports and watch them as well. 

Football (كرة القدم) is especially popular, and the region has produced many world-class players. Other popular sports include basketball, tennis (تنس), and swimming (سباحة).

Hunting In Arabic

The Arabic word for hunting صيد. Hunting is a traditional hobby in many parts of the Arab world, and it is especially popular in rural areas. People hunt for a variety of reasons, including for food, sport, and tradition.


Photography in Arabic

The Arabic word for photography is تَصْوير and pronounced as taSwiir. Photography is a popular hobby in the Arab world, with many people enjoying the art of capturing beautiful images and memories. 

From landscapes and cityscapes to portraits and candid shots, there is something for everyone in this hobby.

Drawing in Arabic

The Arabic word for drawing is رَسْم and the pronunciation is rasm. Drawing is a timeless hobby that many people in the Arab world enjoy. 


Whether it’s traditional art forms like painting or more modern mediums like digital art, people of all ages and skill levels can find joy in creating art.

Overall, there are many hobbies that people enjoy. From sports and hunting to art and music, there is something for everyone. Ultimately, the best hobby is one that brings joy and fulfillment to the person who engages in it.


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