Book in Arabic
Book in Arabic

How To Say Book In Arabic Plus 30+ Related Words

If you want to know how to say book in Arabic, you will find the word here. We hope this will help you to understand Arabic better. Learn how to say books in Arabic and a lot of other related words.


How To Say Book In Arabic?

The Arabic word for book is pronounced kitaab and written ﻛِﺘَﺎﺏ, it is a masculine word in Arabic. Add Al to make it definite. Thus, الكتاب (alkitaab) means the book.

It has only four letters and easy to learn and remember.

Other Arabic words book are as follows:

  • Daftar   دَفْتَر
  • Diiwaan   دِيوان
  • Sijjil   سِجِلّ
  • Sifr   سِفْر
  • Kurraasah   كُرّاسَة
  • Muraaja’ah   مُرَاجَعَة
  • Musnaf   مُصَنّف
  • Mu’allaf   مُؤَلّف

The correct pronunciation of Arabic word for book can be seen below.


Plural of Book in Arabic

The Arabic word for plural form of book is written as ﻛُﺘُﺐ and the pronunciation is kutub. Again, add Al to make the word definite. الكتب (alkutub) means the books.

Book in Arabic

Phrases And Expressions Using Book In Arabic

If you want to know how to say my book, his book, and many expressions related to book in Arabic, sit back and continue reading to learn more Arabic words. Let’s start with possession, you will find the Arabic word and transliteration for better understanding.

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  • My book   ﻛِﺘَﺎبي   kitaabii
  • His book   ﻛِﺘَﺎبه   kitaabuhu
  • Her book   ﻛِﺘَﺎبها   kitaabuha
  • Your book (male)  ﻛِﺘَﺎبكَ   kitaabuka
  • Your book (female)   ﻛِﺘَﺎبكِ   kitaabuki



  • Your book   ﻛِﺘَﺎبهما  kitaabuhumaa
  • Their book   ﻛِﺘَﺎبكما   kitaabukumaa


  • Our book  ﻛِﺘَﺎبنا   kitaabunaa
  • Your book (male)   ﻛِﺘَﺎبهم   kitaabuhum
  • Your book (female)   ﻛِﺘَﺎبهن   kitaabuhunna
  • Their book (male)   ﻛِﺘَﺎبكم   kitaabukum
  • Their book (female)   ﻛِﺘَﺎبكن   kitaabukunna
  • I want a book   أريد كتابا
  • I want the book   اريد الكتاب
  • I want to buy a book   أريد أن اشترى كتابا
  • Ahmad’s book   كتاب أحمد
  • The book belongs to Bilal  الكتاب يخص بلال
  • The book is new  الكتاب جديد
  • A new book   كتاب جديد
  • The new book is on the desk   الكتاب الجديد على المكتب 
  • This is a book   هذا كتاب
  • These are books   هذه كتب
  • The books are on the table   الكتب على الطاولة

Arabic Words Related To Book

Here you will find more than 30 Arabic words that are related to book.

pocket book طَبْعَةُ الجَيْب ; كِتَابُ الجَيْب
class book كِتَابٌ مَدْرَسِيّ أو تَعْلِيمِيّ أو مُقَرّر
book value in Arabicقِيمَةٌ دَفْتَرِيّة
booklet in Arabicدَفْتَرُ شُرُوط
account bookدَفْتَرُ المُحَاسَبَة
bookman in Arabicكُتُبِيّ ; وَرّاق
writing bookدَفْتَر ; كُرّاس ; كُرّاسَة
reserve book طاولَةً) ; مَقْعَداً ; حَجَزَ مَكَانَاً (غُرْفَةً
telephone bookدَلِيلُ التّلِفُونِ أو الهاتِف
Log Bookسجل الحركة اليومية
Bookkeeping in Arabicمُحَاسَبَة
Bookkepper in Arabicمُحَاسِب
bookish in Arabicكُتُبِيّ
Bookstore in Arabicمَكْتَبَة
Bookshop in Arabicمَكْتَبَة
Bookseller in Arabicكُتُبِيّ ; وَرّاق
Notebook in Arabicدَفْتَرُ
Bookshelf in Arabicرف الكتب
Novel in Arabicرواية
savings book, pass bookدفتر ادخار
binding book; bound bookكتاب مُجلّد
Picture bookكتاب صورة
Textbookكتاب مقرر
Cash bookالخزينة
Activity Bookكتاب الأنشطة
Book imageصورة الكتاب
Book Author in Arabicمؤلف الكتاب
Book Cover in Arabicغلاف الكتاب
Book Cases in Arabicحوامل الكتب



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