Cat In Arabic
Cat In Arabic

Cat In Arabic, Pronunciation And 40 Arabic Names For A Cat

For all the animal lovers out there, learning how to say cat in Arabic will definitely be an important addition to your vocabulary. There are a few important things to know about the word cat in Arabic.


How do you say cat in Arabic? What’s the Arabic word for kitten? Let’s learn the Arabic word for cat vocabulary and avoid an embarrassment!

How to Say Cat in Arabic?

The most common Arabic word for cat is pronounced Qitt and written as ﻗِﻂّ. The plural Arabic word for cat is pronounced qitat and written as ﻗِﻄَﻂ.

Other Arabic For Cat Words

There are several Arabic words for cat. The first word is Qitt for a boy and qitta for a girl and the plural is qitat.

The second Arabic word for cat is HIR for a boy and HIRRA for a girl. And the plural feminine would be HIRAR and plural masculine HIRARAH according to Alma’ny dictionary.


The third word Sinnawr and the plural is sananir. This word exists in modern language as a part of the other word Sinnooriyyat which means felidae. The fourth Arabic word for cat is bass for a boy and bassa for a  girl and the plural is bisass. 

According to my experience only the two words are used now in modern Standard Arabic and they are QIT AND HIR.

How To Pronounce Cat In Arabic

Below is an audio of pronunciation of cat in the Arabic language.

Female Cat In Arabic

The Arabic words for female cat are pronounced as Qitta, Hirrah, Bassah and written as قِطّة هِرّة بَسّة respectively.

Plural Of Cats In Arabic

The plural of cats in Arabic is pronounced as Qitat and ﻗِﻄَﻂ. Other plural can be seen in the table below.


Table For Arabic For Cat

Male cat (Singular)بَسّBass
Male cat (Plural)بِساسBisaass
Female cat (Singular)بَسّةBassah
Cat In Arabic

Kitten In Arabic

The word kitten is very difficult to translate into Arabic. However, there are several ways how to say a kitten in Arabic.

The first way to say a kitten in Arabic according to Wikipedia is to use ISMU TASGEER. For a cat it will be a HURAIRA a QUTAITA.

But the problem is that is ISMU TASGEER isn’t regular way to form the names of baby animals in Arabic and it can mean just a kitten. Some Arabs say just QITTA SAGEERA.


The second way to say Kitten in Arabic is WALADUL Qitta, a son of a cat and the plural is AULADUL Qitat, sons of a cat.

THe third way to say kitten in Arabic is SAGEERUL QITTA and the plural is SIGARUL QITTA. You can use the word SIGAR for any animals and it just means animal babies so it means babies of a cat.

Shibriq is an Arabic old way of saying kitten which means a baby of a cat according to Alma’ny dictionary. It’s very old and forgotten and if you use it I highly doubt that anyone will understand you but a nice word, anyways.

My Cat In Arabic

The common way to say my cat in the Arabic language is Qitati written as قطتي.

  • My cat    قطتي 
  • His cat    قطته
  • Her cat   قطتها
  • Our cat   قطتنا 
  • Their cat.  قطتهم  

Arabic Names For A Cat

If you have recently got a new cat or kitten, you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges lies in what you’re going to name it. There are so many names out there, and it’s important to find one that really suits your new friend.

There are some truly beautiful Arabic cat names that have been growing in popularity in recent years, and here we’ve created soms guide to the very best ones so that you can choose the right one for your pet.

Arabic Names for Male Cats

  • Ali: noble
  • Andel: fair
  • Amin: faithful
  • Anwar: bright
  • Diya: bright
  • Bahij: brave
  • Fatin: elegant
  • Ghiyath: protector
  • Halim: affectionate and patient
  • Husain: beautiful
  • Jabir: consoles or accompanies
  • Kaliq: witty or creative
  • Mashaal: bright
  • Nnabhan: noble
  • Ghaith: rain
  • Nazeh: chaste
  • Habib: loved
  • Hassan: beautiful
  • Kahil: friendly
  • Rabi: spring breeze
  • Sadiq: reliable or faithful
  • Zafir: victorious
  • Tahir: pure
  • Ziad: surrounded by abundance

Arabic Names For Female Cats

  • Aamal: has aspirations
  • Anbar: fragrant or perfume
  • Anisa: friendly
  • Dunay: world
  • Habiba: beloved
  • Ghaydaa: delicate
  • Malak: angel
  • Kala: strong
  • Karima: generous
  • Najya: victorious
  • Adjum: star
  • Amira: princess
  • Farah: joy
  • Hana: the happy one
  • Fadila: virtuous
  • Rabab: cloud
  • Lina: fragile
  • Zurah: divine, surrounded by divinity
  • Zahira: bright


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