Wolf in Arabic
Wolf in Arabic

Wolf In Arabic Language And How To Pronounce It

How do you say wolf in Arabic? What’s the Arabic word for female wolf? What about Arabic pronunciation and sentences using the word wolf in Arabic? Welcome to my complete Arabic wolf guide!


How To Say Wolf In Arabic

The common Arabic word for wolf is pronounced dhi’b and written ﺫِﺋﺐ. The plural form for wolves in Arabic is pronounced dhiy’aab written as الذئاب.

The word for wolf in Arabic is quite simple and short, which is rather surprising considering what language we are talking about.

Wolf in Arabic Pronunciation

The pronunciation of Arabic word for wolf can be found in the video below.

Female Wolf in Arabic

The Arabic word for female wolf is dhi’ba and written as ذِئبة or أنْثَى الذِّئْب.


Black Wolf’ In Arabic

The correct Arabic word for black Wolf is ذئب اسود.

Little Wolf in Arabic is pronounced dhi’bun sageer and written ذئب صغير.

Arabic For Wolf In Sentences

تعد الذئاب أكبر أفراد فصيلة الكلابWolves are the largest members of the dog family.
الذئب حيوان اجتماعيThe wolf is a social animal
يتبع قطيع الذئاب الأصل، ويقودها الذئب الأكبر أو الأبوينThe wolf pack is a nuclear family led by alpha wolves or parents.
الذئاب ذكية جداً وتستطيع تعقب الرائحةWolves are very intelligent and can follow scent trails.
ربما لا تنتمي الذئاب الرهيبة إلى فصيلة الذئاب!Dire wolves may not be wolves.
تساعد الذئاب في تنظيم الأنظمة البيئيةWolves help regulate their ecosystems
الذئاب القائدة هي آباء وأمهات فحسبAlpha wolves are just moms and dads
يتزاوج ذكر وأنثى الذئب مدى الحياةWolves mate for life
يتكون قطيع الذئاب من مجموعة من الأقاربThe wolf pack is made up of related individuals.
تتواصل الذئاب مع بعضها عبر العواءWolves communicate with one another through howls, yips.
متوسط عمر الذئب خمس سنواتThe average lifespan of a wolf is about 5 years.


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