People in Arabic
People in Arabic

How To Say People in Arabic Plus Arabic Vocabulary For Mankind And Kinship

This article will help you learn how to say people in Arabic and different Arabic vocabulary for people. Arabic word for people can be translated in different ways with some variations in meanings and dialects.


How To Say People in Arabic?

The common Arabic word for people is pronounced naas and written ﻧَﺎﺱ and the definite form is pronounced as annaas and written as النّاس.

Annas literally also means the ordinary men and women of a country rather than those in power or control.

Another similar Arabic word for people would be أُنَاس and pronounced Unaas which means the same. Its singular is إنسان or Insaan, which means a person or a human.

Ashkhaas written as أشخاص means individuals. It is understood everywhere and in standard Arabic too. Its singular is شخص or Shakhs.


Ashkhaas means persons in general or everyone. It also means men and women who are involved in a particular type of work.

Al khalq written as الخَلْق also mean people in Arabic language. It’s literal translation would be creation, it means the creation of God in reference to the people, but it has no religious tone.

Sha’b, Arabic text شعب one means people as the people of a nation, or the public. It refers to all the persons who live in a particular place or belong to a particular country, race, etc. It refers to one people and its plural is شعوب or Shu’uub.

Qawm قوم, similar to Sha’b but it’s found mostly in standard Arabic. Just like Sha’b, it refers to one people and its plural is أقوام or Aqwaam.

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Other Arabic word for people are:

  • الوَرَى
  • اِنْس
  • اِنْسانِيّة
  • أُمّة
  • أُمَم
  • بَرِيّة
  • جَمَاعَة
  • جُمْهُور

Mankind In Arabic

The Arabic word for mankind is بَشَرِيّة and the pronunciation is bashariyyah.

Human In Arabic

The Arabic word for human is pronounced bashar and written as بَشَر.


Note: You can put ال al- before any of these words as the definite article.

Arabic Mankind and Kinship Vocabulary

Following are Arabic words and phrases related to people.

Individual in Arabicفرد
People in Arabicناس
human being; mankind In Arabicبشر
human being in Arabicبني آدم
human In Arabicإنسان
baby in Arabicطفل
Age in Arabicعمر, سنّ
Old in Arabicكبير
young (or small) in Arabicصغير
Life in Arabicحياة
young girl/woman in Arabicفتاة
young boy/man in Arabicفتى
teenager, adolescent in Arabicمراهق
girl or daughter in Arabicبنت
son in Arabicابن
boy or son in Arabicولد
adult in Arabicبالغ
minor in Arabicقاصر
young woman in Arabicشابة
young man in Arabicشاب
young people, youth (as an age group) in Arabicشباب
family (extended Family) in Arabicأسرة
family (father, mother and children) in Arabicأهل
sex or (human) race in Arabicجنس
woman in Arabicامرأة
man in Arabicرجل
relative in Arabicقريب
orphan in Arabicيتيم
twin in Arabicيتيم
people present جُمْهُور; حُضُور; حاضِرُون; مُجْتَمِعُون;
people ofأُولُو
influential peopleأهْلُ الحَلّ والرّبْط
common peopleرَعَاع ; طَغَام
all people مَجْمُوعُ المُوَاطِنين; المَجْمُوع
the people الجُمْهُور ; العُمُوم; النّاس; مَجْمُوع
rally people against جَمَعُهم
prominent people ذَوَات (مِنَ النّاس); عِلْيَةُ القَوْم ;
poor people بَنُو الغَبْراء; الفُقَرَاء; بَنُو غَبْراء


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