Dua For Healing Wound
Dua For Healing Wound

Dua For Healing Wound In Arabic, Transliteration, And English

In this piece, we will be looking at dua for healing wound according to the Sunnah of our beloved prophet SAW.


Imam Bukhari 5742 and Muslim reported Hadith that when the sick person has a wound, sore or something similar, the Prophet SAW would moisten his finger and touch the ground with it.

Dua For Healing Wound in Arabic

He would pick up some dust with it and wipe the wound with it saying:

تربة أرضنا، بريقة بعضنا، يُشفى سقيمنا، بإذن ربنا


Turbatu ardina, bi reeqati ba’dina, yushfa bihi Saqeemuna, bi’idhni rabbina.


Meaning In English

The meaning of the dua is The dust of our earth, which has intermingled with the saliva of one of us would cure our patient with the permission of our Lord.

Dua For Healing Wound
Dua For Healing Wound

This is evidence that one may treat a wound in this manner.

The reason for this is that the dust (of the earth) is a purifier as mentioned by the Prophet SAW:

The dust (of the earth) has been made a purifier for us.

Also the saliva of a believer is pure. So, two pure things combine along with the power of reliance on Allah, Honored and Glorious and trust in Him, thereby the sick is cured.


However, there are two necessary conditions:

  1. Strong conviction in this treatment; that Allah Glorious and Exalted will cure the sick through this invocation.
  2. The patient must consent to it with faith that it will be beneficial.

However, if it is done by way of trial, then it will not be of benefit because one must necessarily be convinced that what the Prophet SAW did is true.

It is also necessary for the patient to agree to it, believing that it will be beneficial.


Otherwise, there is no benefit because those in whose heart is a disease are not increased by the signs (of Allah) except in filth along with their filth. We seek protection with Allah.

Here are some simple sentences about healing and a dua (prayer) for healing in Islam:

  1. Healing is a natural process that helps the body recover from injuries.
  2. Rest and proper nutrition play a crucial role in the healing of wounds.
  3. A positive mindset can contribute to the healing of both the body and the mind.
  4. Seeking medical attention is important for effective and timely healing.
  5. Support from friends and family can be a powerful factor in the healing journey.

Now, let’s look at a dua for healing in Islam:

Dua for Healing:
“Ya Allah, the Lord of mankind, remove the affliction and send down cure and healing, for You are the Healer, and there is no cure except Your cure; a cure which leaves no sickness.”

This dua reflects the Islamic belief in seeking healing from Allah, the ultimate source of cure and well-being. Muslims often recite this prayer for themselves or for others who are unwell, expressing their reliance on the mercy and healing power of Allah.


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