Is Dominos Halal
Is Dominos Halal

Is Dominos Halal? (Cheese Pizza And Chicken)

Welcome to our blog where we will be discussing the question on many people’s minds: is Dominos halal?


As a global pizza chain, Domino’s has a diverse customer base and many of our readers may be wondering if the food offered at their local store is suitable for those following a halal diet.

In this blog post, we will explore the halal options available at Domino’s, the certification and sourcing of their ingredients, and what you can expect when ordering from a Domino’s store.

Whether you are a frequent customer or considering trying Domino’s for the first time, this information will help you make an informed decision about your next meal.

Is Dominos Halal?

No, Domino’s is not halal. They don’t have a halal menu. However, according to their UK website, most of their chicken is sourced from suppliers in Thailand, where the meat is halal certified by religious authorities. This does not apply to their chicken wings, which are sourced by suppliers from Europe, most of which are not halal-approved.


There is a very high probability of cross-contamination even with the possibility of halal chicken. For example, they use the same gloves, cutters, and ovens to handle their meats and non-meat-based pizzas.

Is Dominos Pizza Halal?

No, Domino’s main menu is not halal in in USA. Domino’s in the UK serves halal chicken items, except for wings, but no other meat item on the menu is halal. In Muslim countries like the UAE and Pakistan, Domino’s offers a 100% halal menu.

Domino’s is present in some Muslim countries such as the UAE and Pakistan, its menu is 100% halal. In the UK, Domino’s officially says the following:

Domino’s UK does not promote its stores or meat as halal-approved. However, most of their chicken is sourced from suppliers in Thailand whose product is certified halal by their religious authorities. The exception is chicken wings, which are sourced from suppliers across EU countries, some of which are not halal-approved.

Domino’s UK has confirmed this on their official website, so customers should inquire about halal chicken before visiting any Domino’s branches in the UK.


However, Domino’s UK is silent about all other meat used in its menu. In America, Domino’s main menu is not halal, and no such information is given on their official website or social accounts.

Is Dominos Pizza Halal

Is Domino’s Cheese Pizza Halal?

No, Domino’s Cheese Pizza is not Halal. While Domino’s claims that their cheese is vegetarian-friendly, please note that they have pork and other non-halal meat products.

Some Muslims who work at Domino’s stores allege that there is a very high probability of cross-contamination. For example, they use the same gloves, cutters, and ovens to handle their meats and non-meat-based pizzas.


Unless you’re getting one of their salads, we recommend that you avoid Domino’s pizza due to the high risk of cross-contamination.

According to a Fatwa, if they do use their vessel for haraam or naajis kinds of food and drink, then it is better not to use them if you can find something else.

If you cannot find something else then you can use them after they have been washed, whether it is you or they who wash them.

If these restaurants use the same utensils in cutting and cooking the lawful meat as they do in cutting and cooking the impure meat without washing the utensils, then it becomes an obligation to avoid eating in them because the impurity is transferred to the lawful meat, and consequently this meat becomes impure.

The meat that has become impure it is not permissible to eat it without washing it.

Is Dominos Pepperoni Halal?

No. Domino’s pepperoni is not halal. Pepperoni is often obtained from pigs, which are automatically considered haram. There’s no questioning whether pepperoni is halal or haram, unless it was replaced with another type of meat i.e., chicken or turkey.

The ingredients in Domino’s pizza can make it halal or haram.

While Domino’s does not consider itself a halal company, the cheese, pizza dough, and tomato sauce are might be considered halal, as is the chicken, which is imported from Thailand and slaughtered halal.

Aside from that, there’s the risk of cross-contamination because, of course, Domino’s will use haram ingredients like pepperoni, ham, or beef, which aren’t considered halal under Muslim law.

This is primarily due to the manner in which the animals were slaughtered beforehand. As a result, we cannot guarantee that Domino’s is completely halal.


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