Are Trolli Gummy Worms Halal
Are Trolli Gummy Worms Halal

Are Trolli Gummy Worms Halal? Quick Guide

Are Trolli gummy worms halal? This is a question that many Muslims may wonder about as they consider whether to include these popular candies in their diets.


In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the ingredients of Trolli gummy worms to determine if they are halal or not.

Are Trolli Gummy Worms Halal?

Unfortunately, Trolli gummy worms are NOT halal. All of the Trolli gummy worm flavors and varieties contain at least one non-halal ingredient, such as pork gelatin. Gummy worms and other gummy candies use animal gelatin. Animal gelatin comes from breaking down animal tissue like horns, bones, skins, and even fat.

Gummy candies are made from a variety of ingredients, including sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin. Sugar and corn syrup are halal, but gelatin can be a source of concern for Muslims. 

Gelatin is a type of protein that is derived from animal sources, specifically pork and beef. Gelatin is halal if it is sourced from halal animals, but it is haram if it is sourced from haram animals or if it is processed with haram ingredients.


We found the ingredients of one of their classic flavors, Peachie O’s Gummy Rings, Gummy Candy:

  • Corn Syrup
  • Sugar
  • Gelatin
  • Modified Food Starch (Potato)
  • Citric Acid
  • Apple Juice From Concentrate
  • Fumaric Acid, Modified Food Starch (Corn)
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • Tartaric Acid
  • Red 40
  • Yellow 5
Trolli Ingredients

The source of the Gelatin was not clarified in the ingredients list. Therefore it is difficult to say to that Trolli is halal. It’s definitely in the grey area.

Halal Guidance contacted Ferrara Candy Company (Owner of Trolli) to ask them about gelatin source.

Here’s what we asked them: Is the Gelatin used to make Trolli made from pork or beef?

They responded back saying:



Thank you for getting back to us. The gelatin in Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers is derived from pork. On our labels if it states gelatin it means pork gelatin. If it were derived from beef, we would actually put beef gelatin on the label.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your comments.

Ferrara Candy Company Consumer Relations Representative

It is not permissible to consume foods, drinks and medicines that contain gelatin derived from the skin of pigs or other impure substances, especially when alternatives are available in the form of animals which Allah has permitted.

The scholars of the Standing Committee were asked: Is gelatin haram

They replied:


“If the gelatin is derived from something haram, such as pork or the skin, bones etc. of pigs, then it is haram.

Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning): 

“Forbidden to you (for food) are: Al-Maytatah (the dead animals – cattle-beast not slaughtered), blood, the flesh of swine”. 

Surah al-Maidah verse 3

The scholars unanimously agreed that pig fat is included in this prohibition. If no haram substances or ingredients are involved in the production of gelatin, then there is nothing wrong with it.” (Fatawa al-Lajnah ad-Daimah, 22/260)

Halal Alternatives to Trolli Gummy Worms

The perfect halal alternatives to Trolli Gummy Worms do not have gelatin. But this information can be hard to find. That is why we have listed the most popular and best Trolli Gummy Worms alternatives.

Not all of the alternatives resemble Trolli Gummy Worms in shape or colour. They are, however, a great option because they come in a variety of vegan and halal gummy candies.

Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Beer

Surf Sweets is an excellent manufacturer of vegan and halal-friendly sweets. The company produces 12 different vegan candies. All of these candies are also labelled as vegan-friendly.

These candies are not only vegan, but also 96% organic. These delectable treats are also free of the most common allergens.

Surf Sweets Vegan collection includes delectable sweet tasty in a variety of fruit flavours.

Surf sweets

Trader Joe’s Gummy Lobsters

These wonderfully weird-looking candies are another excellent alternative for halal eaters.

These vegan candies are sold at Trader Joe’s locations across the country. The gummy candies resemble lobsters in shape and colour. They are adorable.

They have a milder flavour than most gummy candies. The taste of berries comes through and does not have the feel of a cheap synthetic berry flavour. They also have a delicious sour flavour.

But it’s not just the Red Gummy Lobsters. Trader Joe’s sells a wide variety of plant-based halal candies. You have halal gummy candies for every occasion.

Trader Joe's

Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids are a cultural icon as much as a candy brand. And they are entirely free of gelatin and any other animal products.

Their famous sour taste and ridiculous shapes have made them popular worldwide.

They hit you with an extremely sour taste and rapidly give way to a sweeter sensation.

Sour patch

Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

Annie’s vegan-safe candies come in colorful packs and multiple fruity flavors. These candies are entirely organic. They are made from fruit juice and are a great source of vitamin C for kids and adults.

Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks


Trolli Gummy Worms are not halal. Thankfully, there are new organic, halal gummy candies these days.

These candies are free from gelatin, an animal product, and instead use agar, a plant-based product.


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