Is Tteokbokki Halal
Is Tteokbokki Halal

Is Tteokbokki Halal? Everything You Need To Know

Is Tteokbokki halal? Tteokbokki, also known as Korean spicy rice cakes, is a popular dish in South Korea and around the world. 


With its delicious taste and unique texture, it’s no surprise that many people are curious about whether or not it is considered halal.

So, whether you’re a Muslim looking to try Tteokbokki for the first time, or simply curious about the halal status of this delicious dish, read on to learn more!

Is Tteokbokki Halal?

Yes, Tteokbokki is halal. The main ingredients of Tteokbokki are rice cakes, gochujang, soy sauce and sugar, all of which are considered halal. It does not contain pork and none of the ingredients in Tteokbokki are derived from animal sources.

From ingredients standpoint alone, there is nothing in Tteokbokki that causes it to be non-halal.


When it comes to the halal status of Tteokbokki, the main concern is whether or not the ingredients used are permissible according to Islamic dietary laws.

According to Islamic dietary laws, all foods are considered halal except for pork and its by-products, animals that have not been slaughtered in the proper manner, and any blood and alcohol.

Tteokbokki Ingredients

The common ingredients in Tteokbokki are:

  • Rice cakes (tteok)
  • Gochujang (hot pepper paste)
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Sugar
  • Soy sauce
  • Water
  • Sesame seeds

However, sometimes, other ingredients are added such as:

  • Sliced fish cake
  • Boiled eggs
  • Beef broth
  • Meat

The majority of the ingredients in Tteokbokki come from natural, plant based sources.


Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymin said: The basic principle concerning all kinds of food, drink and clothing is that they are permissible until and unless proof is established that they are haram. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

He it is Who created for you all that is on earth” [Surah al-Baqarah 2:29]

So if something is haram, there should be a clear and detailed indication that it is haram. If there is no such proof, then it is not haram.


The ingredients may vary from country to country, so we recommend you always read the entire product label to confirm that fact. It might be different for some products but not always.

Tteokbokki Halal

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Tteokbokki is generally considered halal as long as it is made with halal ingredients, but it is always a good idea to check the ingredient list or ask the restaurant or the manufacturer to ensure that it is halal. If you’re looking for a delicious and halal dish, give Tteokbokki a try!


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