Quran juz 3
Quran Juz 3

Quran Juz 3 PDF, Pages, Summary And Audio

Quran Juz 3 contains the verses of prohibition of lending money on interest. The true conception of Allah, Revelation and Life-after-death has been emphasized to keep alive the sense of accountability.


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Where Does Juz 3 Start?

Juz 3 starts from vere 253 of Surah Al Baqarah. As you know, surah Baqarah is the largest chapter in the Quran that has more than 280 verses. The surah was revealed in Madinah and contain many Islamic rules.

Where Does Quran Juz 3 End?

Juz 3 End at verse 92 of Surah Al Imran. Al Imran is the third Surah of the Quran and has 200 verses which makes it to be the second largest surah in the Quran after surah Baqarah.

What Is The Name of Juz 3?

The name of Juz 3 is juz Tilkal Rusul. It is named after the first verse of this surah.


What Surahs In Juz 3?

There are only two surahs in 3rd Juz of the Quran. They are last part of surah Baqarah and beginning of surah Al Imran.

Juz 3 PDF

Juz 3 Summary

These verses serve as an introduction to the prohibition of lending money on interest. The true conception of Allah, Revelation and Life-after-death has been emphasized to keep alive the sense of accountability.

The stories of Prophet Abraham (Allah’s peace be upon him) and of the one who woke up after a sleep of hundred years have been related to show that Allah is All-Powerful and is able to raise the dead and call them to account.

The Believers, therefore, should keep this fact in view and refrain from taking interest on money. Verses 252 – 260.

The theme of verses 253 – 251 has been resumed and the Believers have been exhorted to spend in the way of Allah in order to please Him alone.


In contrast to this, they have been warned against the evils of lending money on interest. Instructions have also been given for the honest conduct of day-to-day business transactions. Verses 261 – 283.

The basic articles of the Faith have been recapitulated here at the end of the Surah, just as they were enunciated at its beginning.

Then the Surah ends with a prayer which the Muslim Community needed very much at that time when they were encountering untold hardships in the propagation of the Guidance. Verses 284 – 286.


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Life Lessons Of Quran Juz 3

Acknowledge the goodness in others for which Allah SWT has honored them (2:253)

Instead of becoming jealous because of what Allah SWT has granted other people, look for those hidden traits for which Allah SWT blessed them.

Strive to become better. Don’t be jealous. Ask Allah SWT for His Fadhl (Bounty). Say: Allahumma Inni Asalake Min Fadhlikal azeem.

Allah SWT has blessed all of us with something that others don’t have. Ask Allah SWT to show you your special skills and gifts and enable you to use them in His way.

Become grateful and stop comparing yourself with others. Focus on your blessings, not deprivations.

Spend in the way of Allah SWT before a day arrives when no ransom or intercession will be accepted.

There is no compulsion in religion. It means we can’t force anyone to become a Muslim. But when you call yourself a Muslim, then live as one.

It means when you hear the command of giving up Riba (usury) then stop dealing in interest-based transactions or businesses. It means when you hear the command to wear hijab, you abide. No excuses!

Allah is the Wali of the believers (2: 257). What better Friend/Guardian can we have? If you believe in Him and submit to His commands, He will protect you.

When people abandon you because of you are following the Deen of Allah SWT, then remember the story of Prophet lbraheem (AS).

He was ridiculed, punished and exiled by his family and community. But when people left him, he didn’t grieve. He turned to his Creator. Allah SWT made him His Khaleel (close/intimate friend).

What an honor! – Kind speech and forgiveness are better than a charity followed by hurt and insults. Do not waste your good deeds by reminders.

If you have done it for the sake of Allah SWT then keep them concealed as you will hide your sins.

Give for the pleasure of Allah SWT. Do not seek recognition or praises from the people.

While Shaytan threatens us with poverty, Allah SWT “promises” us His Bounty – He is to be envied who has been given Hikmah (wisdom) (2:269).

The longest Ayah in the Qur’an is about financial transactions. Allah SWT doesn’t like fasad (corruption) on earth. He “commands” as to record our financial transactions even when giving loans to family or friends.

When the terms and conditions have been recorded and witnessed, no party can back out or cheat another. Record the transaction (especially when there is deferred payment) no matter how small the amount.

When you hear a command of Allah SWT then respond like the Sahabah (RA): Sam’naa Wa Ataa’naa (We hear and we obey). No ifs and buts. No unnecessary questions.

Make it a habit of reciting the last three verses of Surah Al-Baqarah every night before going to sleep. They are your shield against Shaytan.

Allah SWT doesn’t burden a soul beyond what it can endure. Your tests and trials are specially designed for you. Because He knows you can handle them.

Before going to sleep, ask Allah SWT to forgive you for your wrongdoings and shortcomings. Do this every night because it could be our last night.

Surah Al Imran

Gain knowledge of the Deen to become firm in it, and to worship and praise Allah SWT as He deserves to be worshiped and praised. (Verse 7)

Beautified for people is the love of that which they desire – of women and sons, heaped-up sums of gold and silver, fine branded horses, and cattle and titled Land. That is the enjoyment of worldly life, but Allah has with Him the best return (verse 14).

Say: “Our Lord, indeed we have believed, so forgive us our sins and protect us from the punishment of the Fire.” (Verse 16)

Who make this du’a? The patient, the truthful, the obedient, those who spend in the way of Allah SWT and those who seek His forgiueness in the early hours of the dawn. Are we one of them?

Allah SWT honors and Allah SWT debases people. Fix your relationship with Allah SWT.

If our claim to love Allah SWT is true then we will not hesitate to follow the Sunnah. How many Sunnahs do we ignore daily? Do we really love Allah SWT and Rasoolullah (SAW)?

When the mother of Mariam AS conceived a child, she made du’as to Allah SWT to accept it for the service of His Deen.

How many parents have plans to dedicate their children to the service of Allah’s Deen? Why are only the weak, orphans and homeless seen in the Masajid learning Deen and not the children from well-to-do families?

Remember Musab ibn Umair (RA)? He came from a wealthy family but Left everything behind to do Dawah. He was the first ambassador of Islam.

Remember Prophet Muhammad’s du’as for his little cousin Abdullah (RA)? He would say: 0 Allah, bless him with the knowledge of the Qur’an.

What are our plans for our children? How many parents want their children to become scholars, Imams or Muftis?

The supplication of the mother of Mariam AS was accepted because of ‘the way” it was made.

When our du’as are not accepted we need to look at the manner In which we ask Allah SWT. A du’a without sincerity and attentiveness of the heart is not accepted.

When Prophet Zahariyya AS saw the blessings that Mariam AS had, he didn’t become jealous. He turned to the Owner of all treasures and asked Him.

Juz 3 Quran Pages

Below are the complete pages of 3 juz. There are twenty pages in the 3rd juz of the Quran.

Quran Juz 3
Page 42
Quran Juz 3
Page 43
Quran Juz 3
Page 44
Quran Juz 3
Page 45
Quran Juz 3
Page 46
Quran Juz 3
Page 47
Quran Juz 3
Page 48
Quran Juz 3
Page 49
Quran Juz 3
Page 50
Quran Juz 3
Page 51
Quran Juz 3
Page 52
Quran Juz 3
Page 53
Quran Juz 3
Page 54
Quran Juz 3
Page 55
Quran Juz 3
Page 56
Quran Juz 3
Page 57
Quran Juz 3
Page 58
Quran Juz 3
Page 59
Quran Juz 3
Page 60
Quran Juz 3
Page 61
Quran Juz 3
Page 62


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