How Many Surahs In Juz 30
How Many Surahs In Juz 30

How Many Surahs In Juz 30?

The main division of the Qur’an is into Surah (chapter) and aya (verse). The Quran is divided into 30 sections, called juz in Arabic. How many surahs in juz 30?


Each juz is called by the first surah in the juz, for example juz 29 is called juz tabarak because the first chapter of the juz is surah Mulk or tabaraka.

How Many Surahs In Juz 30?

There are thirty seven (37) surahs in juz 30. The first surah in Juz 30 is surah Naba’ and begins with the word Amma. That is the reason why it is called juz amma. The last surah in juz 30 is surah an Nas and it begins with Qul audhu bi Rabbin-Nas.

Juz 30 Amma Juz Surah Lists

OrderNameClassificationNumber of verses
78Surah NabaMakkah40
79Surah NaziatMakkah46
80Surah AbasaMakkah42
81Surah At TakweerMakkah29
82Surah InfitarMakkah19
83Surah MutattifeenMakkah36
84Surah InshiqaqMakkah25
85Surah BurujMakkah22
86Surah TariqMakkah17
87Surah A alaaMakkah19
88Surah GhashiyaMakkah26
89Surah FajrMakkah30
90Surah BaladMakkah20
91Surah ShamsMakkah15
92Surah LaylMakkah21
93Surah DuhaMakkah11
94Surah InshirahMakkah8
95Surah At TeenMakkah8
96Surah AlaqMakkah19
97Surah QadrMadina5
98Surah BayyinahMadina8
99Surah ZalzalaMakkah8
100Surah AdiyatMakkah11
101Surah QariahMakkah11
102Surah TakasurMakkah8
103Surah Al AsrMakkah3
104Surah HumazahMakkah9
105Surah Al FeelMakkah5
106Surah QuraishMakkah4
107Surah MaunMakkah7
108Surah KausarMakkah3
109Surah KafirunMakkah6
110Surah NasrMadina3
111Surah MasadMakkah5
112Surah IklasMakkah4
113Surah FalaqMakkah5
114Surah An NasMakkah6

This juz contains a large number of complete chapters. The chapters are quite short, ranging in length from 3-46 verses each. Most of the chapters in this juz consist of fewer than 25 ayahs.

When Were This Juz’s Verses Revealed?

The majority of these short surahs were revealed at the start of the Makkan period, when the Muslim community was fearful and small in number. They faced rejection and intimidation from the pagan population and Makkah’s leadership over time.


What Is the Juz’s Main Theme?

These early Makkan surahs were revealed when Muslims were few in number and in desperate need of confirmation and support. The passages remind believers of Allah’s mercy and the promise that good will triumph over evil in the end.

They describe Allah’s ability to create the universe and everything in it. The Quran is described as a spiritual revelation, and the coming Judgment Day as a time when believers will be rewarded. Believers are advised to be patient and perseverant while remaining firm in their beliefs.

These chapters also include numerous reminders of Allah’s wrath on those who reject faith. For example, in the 77th chapter of Surah Al-Mursalat, there is a verse that is repeated ten times:

“Oh, woe to the rejectors of Truth!”

Surah Mursalat

Hell is frequently described as a place of torment for those who deny the existence of God and demand “proof.”

Although it comes at the end of the Quran, it is usually the first part of the Quran that children and new Muslims learn to read. This is due to the shorter chapters being easier to read/understand, and the messages revealed in this section being the most fundamental to a Muslim’s faith.



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