Is KFC Halal in USA
Is KFC Halal in USA

Is KFC Halal in USA, UK, Canada and Europe?

KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a popular fast food chain that originated in the United States.


Is KFC Halal in USA? Many people, particularly those who follow the Islamic dietary guidelines known as halal, may be wondering if KFC’s menu items are halal in the United States. Here is what you need to know know.

Is KFC Halal in USA?

No, KFC is unfortunately not 100% halal. According to KFC’s official website, the company does not currently offer halal-certified menu items in the United States. This means that KFC’s products in the U.S. are not prepared according to Islamic dietary laws and is not be suitable for those who follow a halal diet.

It is not permissible to eat anything that is prohibited by Islamic dietary guidelines. Things such as pork, alcohol, and carrion are impermissible.

Regarding the meat (like beef or chicken) served at the average American fast-food restaurant, if its source cannot be determined as permissible, then it is haram or unlawful to eat.


This is according to Imam Nawawi’s assessment in Rawdah regarding lands wherein Muslims, Ahl al-Kitab, and others dwell together.

In fact, the United States’ diverse demographics make tracing a normal restaurant’s meat source to an acceptable slaughterer nearly impossible. Here, the question is, “Who cut it?”

In the instance that a restaurant conforms to Islamic dietary guidelines and subjects itself to an inspection by knowledgeable, testimony-worthy Muslims who approve it, then there may be latitude to eat there. Otherwise, it is advisable to refrain.

This answer was collected from which was a repository of Islamic answers as per the Shafi’i madhhab. The website no longer functions. At its peak, many ‘ulama were involved with the site including Shaykh Mawlana Taha Karaan, Shaykh Abdul-Fattah ibn Abdullah, and Shaykh AbdurRahman Khan.

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Is KFC Chicken Halal?

No, KFC chicken served at most locations in the USA is not halal. However, there are some Muslim-owned franchises that do serve halal chicken.

If you’re looking for a halal option at KFC, be sure to check if your local franchise is Muslim-owned and verify it before chowing down.

In order KFC Chicken, sold in Muslim countries, USA and elsewhere to be halal and permissible to eat, two conditions must be met:


The meat should have been slaughtered in accordance with sharee’ah; it should not have been stunned with electricity, drowned in water, or subjected to any other method of killing that is practised in some countries.

It is not permissible to eat meat slaughtered by a communist, atheist, or idol-worshipper; it is permissible to eat meat slaughtered by a Muslim or a kitaabi (one of the people of the Book, i.e., a Jew or Christian).

If it becomes clear to you that the chicken sold in KFC has not been slaughtered in the manner prescribed in sharee‘ah, it is not permissible for you to eat it.

It is permissible to eat fried meat and fish from these restaurants, subject to two conditions:

  • That it is not fried in the same oil as the non-halal chicken or in vessels in which chicken was fried, until they have been washed, because the non-halaal chicken is maytah (dead meat) and is najis (impure).
  • The meat should be halal.
Is KFC Halal

Is KFC Halal in UK

There are over 900 KFC restaurants in the UK, out of which 130 of them are fully certified halal. KFC that are not halal-certified chain in the UK means that they do not follow the dietary laws of Islam and do not serve halal food.

However, they do have a number of menu options that are suitable for Muslim customers who follow a halal diet, such as vegetarian options. It’s always a good idea to check with the individual restaurant to confirm which menu items are halal.

Is KFC Halal in Europe

KFC is unfortunately not 100% halal in Europe. It depends on the country. In some European countries, KFC does offer halal options, but in others, it does not.

It is best to check with the specific KFC location or contact the company directly to inquire about halal options in a specific European country.

Is KFC Halal in Pakistan

Yes, KFC present in Muslim countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE is fully halal. The scholars set a rule that says that in principle everything is permissible, and they based this rule on shar‘i evidence.

If those who slaughter the meat are from among the People of the Book, namely Jews and Christians, then it is permissible to eat it, and it is not appropriate to ask how it was slaughtered, or whether they mentioned the name of Allah over it or not.

That is because the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) ate the lamb that was given to him by the Jewish woman in Khaybar, and he ate the meal to which a Jewish man invited him, and it contained rendered fat, but the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) did not ask how they had slaughtered it, or whether they had mentioned the name of Allah over it. Source

Is KFC Halal in USA

You should always verify the halal status with the restaurant directly just to be sure! Restaurants change their meat suppliers and and their policies constantly.

The Muslim should strive to be on the safe side in all matters of religion and he should seek that which is halaal in his food, drink, clothing and all his affairs.


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