Is Panda Express Halal
Is Panda Express Halal

Is Panda Express Halal In USA? What You Should Know

Is Panda Express Halal? Can Halal eaters enjoy the legendary orange chicken chow mien and Beijing beef from one of the leading Chinese restaurant chains in the world? Thousands of Muslims want to know!


Panda Express is a fast food chain that originated in the United States and is known for its Chinese-inspired cuisine. One question that may come up for Muslims and others who follow halal dietary guidelines is whether or not Panda Express is halal.

Is Panda Express Halal?

Unfortunately no! Panda Express is not halal according to Islamic standards and does not have have any halal-certified meat on their menu. This means that, for Muslims who follow halal dietary guidelines, it is not considered halal to eat at Panda Express.

The restaurant does not guarantee food preparation in accordance with Shariah Law, rendering the majority of its menu items haram.


It should be noted that Panda Express’ website states, “Panda Express does not have any vegetarian, vegan or gluten free products” due to the cross contamination that can occur by using the same equipment.

A Panda Express representative told VegNews that while the dishes in Panda Express “do not have animal product or byproduct, all items at Panda Express are cooked and prepped in the same shared facilities and equipment in store, so we have not claimed that our menu is vegetarian or vegan.

It is permissible to eat from a Chinese, Japanese or any restaurant takeaway as long as the food is halal and one refrains from eating their meat as most likely it would have been slaughtered in an unislamic way.

The only issues that concern Muslim are cleanliness and the avoidance of najasa (impurity), and likewise that nothing haram (forbidden) is mixed with the food such as khamr (wine or alcoholic beverages) or lard.

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Is Panda Express chicken Halal

Is Panda Express Chicken Halal?

The chicken served at Panda Express in the United States is not halal certified. The Muslim should strive to avoid that which is clearly haram and be cautious of doubtful matters so as to preserve his religious commitment and to keep his body safe from being nourished with haram things.

If there are points which bring about alot of doubt due to the halal status of any chain food, one must abstain from such restaurants. Especially when our lives don’t depend on these restaurants.

A Muslim leaves that which is doubtful and holds on to the doubtless. One must be very careful of that which he consumes for the acceptance of his du’aas rely upon the things that he consumes.


We should try and stay away from all doubtful and Haraam things in any quantity, small or big.

The Prophets were ordered by Allah in the Qur’an to consume only Halaal. If we consume Haraam or doubtful things then this has a big effect on our actions and our prayers are not answered.

May Allah open our hearts, save us from Haraam and give us the Tawfeeq to accept the Haqq (truth). Ameen


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