Juz 4 Quran
Juz 4 Quran

Juz 4 Quran Pages, Summary, PDF, And Audio

Juz 4 Quran talk about the importance of holding fast to the rope of Allah and the significance of unity and not splitting. Continue reading to find out the surahs in juz 4, complete pages of Quran juz 4, audio and many more.


Where Does Juz 4 Quran Start?

The Quran Juz 4 start from verse 93 of Surah Al Imran. The first first in juz 4 is Kullu atta’ami kanahillan libanee isra-eela illa ma harramaisra-eelu ‘ala nafsihi. The full meaning of the verse is:

All food was lawful to the Children of Israel except what Israel [i.e., Jacob] had made unlawful to himself before the Torah was revealed. Say, [O Muhammad], “So bring the Torah and recite it, if you should be truthful.”

Where Does Juz 4 End?

Quran Juz 4 End at verse 23 of surah An Nisaa. This honorable Ayah is the Ayah that establishes the degrees of women relatives who are never eligible for one to marry, because of blood relations, relations established by suckling or marriage.

What Page Is Juz 4 In The Quran?

The first page of Juz 4 is page 62 and the last page of this juz is page 81. There are exactly 20 pages in this juz.


What Surah Is Juz 4?

There are two surahs in this juz, they are last part of surah Al Imran and first part of surah an Nisaa’.

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Juz 4 pdf

Here is the color coded Quran Juz 4 PDF for download.

Juz 4 audio and read online.

Summary Of 4th Juz Of Quran

The Muslim Ummah has been described as the best nation to come forth for humanity by virtue of their enjoining the good and prohibiting the evil.

The evil effects of disobedience as shown to us by the example of the Battle of Uhud; The Messenger of Allah would recite the last Ayaat of ale-Imran upon waking up.


Surah an-Nisa: Establishment of the new Islamic social order after removing the pre-Islamic Jahili system.

The Just System will protect the rights of the weak and vulnerable members of society albeit, women, orphans, marriage, forced marriage, inheritance and financial rights.

The Surah was revealed after the Battle of Uhud, which left 70 of the Muslims killed. This situation brought about the need to address issues such as inheritance left by those killed etc.


Life Lessons Of 4th Juz Of Quran

We cannot attain righteousness unless we spend from something that we love in the way of Allah SWT. Something of value or something that you are attached to. Gold? Your fauorite clothes?

Makkah is a blessed city whoever enters it feels secure. When we are in Makkah, we are not thinking about the problems back home. We are at physical, mental and emotional peace, Alhamdulillah. Feel this blessing when you go for the pilgrimage.

Have Taqwa of Allah SWT as is His right. How can we have Taqwa 24/7? Imagine, there is a surveillance camera and each action of yours is being recorded. Use and act consciously.

Hold on to the rope of Allah SWT and do not be divided. The Sahabah (RA) didn’t have any labels to identify what kind of Muslim they were. They were Muslims and that identity was enough for them.

We hold on to the rope of Allah SWT by holding on to the Qur’an. By implementing the Ayaat in our daily lives. How can hold an to the Qur’an when we don’t read or understand it?

A group should rise among you calling people to good and forbidding evil. Encourage and invite people to do good. And you too, do good.

You are the best nation because you enjoin good and forbid evil. It tells us our duty. Don’t just enjoy the title of being the best nation but also perform your duty.

Asl Allah SWT for wisdom to perform this duty and to make us good representatives of Islam so that when people Look at us they want to know more about our religion.

Be patient, gentle and wise when doing Dawah. Learn from the best role models, the Anbiya (AS) and the Sahabah (RA).

Some people only spend on Dunya items but zero In the path of Allah SWT. Don’t be of them.

Don’t consume Riba [interest/ usury]. No bank loans, no home loans, no car loans, no student loans. Get these things only when you get them by your money. Earn before you can afford them.

If you want Allah’s mercy then obey Allah SWT and Rasoolullah (SA)

Obedience of Allah SWT plus Obedience of Rasoolullah (SA) = MERCY

How can we have peace in our homes and lives when we beep disobeying Him and ignoring the Sunnah?

Action Point

Spend in prosperity and adversity, Restrain anger, Pardon the people, Because Allah SWT loves such people (see surah 3:134)

Do not weaken and do not grieve. You will be superior if you are a true believer (see surah 3:139)

We need to fix our du’as and goals. Keep akhirah in mind.

Be polite and soft like Rasulullah (SA) People will hurt you, let it go. Don’t become bitter.

When you face an adversity in your life reflect on your conduct. Where did you go wrong? Where did you disobey Allah SWT?? Do not put the blame on others or your circumstances.

When you feel afraid say: Sufficient for me is Allah

You Will Get: Favor of Allah, Bounty from Allah, No harm will touch you m, Pleasure of Allah (see Surah 3: verses 173 -174)

Tests come to build our character and make us strong. Why do we think we don’t need to change or refine ourselves? Study the Seerah. Study the tests the prophets (AS) endured. See the goodness in every trial.

Do not be scared of death. Ask for a good ending and prepare for it.

“0 Allah, I ask You for a good ending.”

How can we ensure that we die as Muslims? If we live as Muslims, holding on to the commands of Allah SWT and following the Sunnah, in sha Allah, we will die in a state of emaan.

Life is a deception – ask Allah SWT to protect you from its deception.

We may hear things from people that may hurt us. Remember to be patient and turn to Allah SWT in pain and joy like Rasoolullah (SA).

Repentance is not for them who keep on doing sins. What can stop us from sins? Taqwa of Allah. Remember the surveillance camera.

Recite the last eleven Ayaat of Surah Al Imran at Tahajjud time – it is a Sunnah.

Divide the shares of inheritance as mentioned in the Qur’an. Don’t deprive your women of their share. A woman is not a man’s toy. Allah SWT dignified her.

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