Surah Al Waqiah Ayat 35 38
Surah Al Waqiah Ayat 35 38

Surah Al Waqiah Ayat 35 38 Translation And Meaning

Here is Surah Al Waqiah ayat 35 38 Arabic text, transliteration, meaning and explanation. These verses describe the women who will be on the beds and couches in Jannah.


Surah Waqi’ah Ayat 35-38 In Arabic Text

  1. إِنَّآ أَنشَأْنَـٰهُنَّ إِنشَآءًۭ.
  2. فَجَعَلْنَـٰهُنَّ أَبْكَارًا.
  3. عُرُبًا أَتْرَابًۭا.
  4. لِّأَصْحَـٰبِ ٱلْيَمِينِ


  • Innaaa anshaanaahunna inshaaa’aa.
  • Faja’alnaahunna abkaaraa.
  • ‘Uruban atraabaa.
  • Li as haabil yameen.

Surah Al Waqiah Ayat 35 38 English Translation

Here you can read various translations of Surah Waqiah verses 35-38.

Sahih International

  1. Indeed, We have produced the women of Paradise in a [new] creation.
  2. And made them virgins,
  3. Devoted [to their husbands] and of equal age,
  4. For the companions of the right [who are]

Yusuf Ali

  • We have created (their Companions) of special creation.
  • And made them virgin – pure (and undefiled),
  • Beloved (by nature), equal in age,
  • For the Companions of the Right Hand.

Abul Ala Maududi

  • and their spouses We shall have brought them into being afresh,
  • and shall have made them virgins,
  • intensely loving and of matching age.
  • All this will be for the People on the Right;

Muhsin Khan

  • Verily, We have created them (maidens) of special creation.
  • And made them virgins.
  • Loving (their husbands only), equal in age.
  • For those on the Right Hand.


  • Lo! We have created them a (new) creation
  • And made them virgins,
  • Lovers, friends,
  • For those on the right hand;

Dr. Ghali

  • Surely We have brought them (The hûrîs) into being a (perfect) bringing up;
  • So We have made them virgins,
  • Chastely amorous, like of age,
  • For the companions of the Right.

Abdel Haleem

  • We have specially created
  • virginal,
  • loving, of matching age
  • for those on the Right
Surah Al Waqiah Ayat 35 38
Surah Al Waqiah Ayat 35 38

Surah Al Waqiah Ayat 35 38 Explanation

For those looking for commentary to help with the understanding of Surah Waqi’ah ayat 36, we’ve provided two the tafseer of Abul Ala Maududi below.

Verse 36

And shall have made them virgins,

This signifies the virtuous women of the world, who will enter Paradise on the basis of their faith and good works.


Allah will make them young no matter how aged they might have died in the world; will make them beautiful whether or not they were beautiful in the world; and will make them virgins whether they died virgins in the world or after bearing children.

If their husbands also entered Paradise with them, they would be joined with them. Otherwise, Allah will wed them to another dweller in Paradise.

This very explanation of this verse has been reported from the Prophet (peace be upon him) in several Ahadith.

According to Shama ile Tirmidhi, an old woman requested the Prophet (peace be upon him) to pray for her admission to Paradise. The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied: No old woman will enter Paradise. Hearing this the woman went back crying.

Thereupon the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to the people: Tell her that she will not enter Paradise as an old woman, for Allah says: We shall create them anew and make them virgins.


Ibn Abi Hatim has related, on the authority of Salamah bin Yazid, that he heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) explain this verse, thus: This implies the women of the world; whether they died virgins or married.

Tabarani contains a lengthy tradition related from Umm Salamah according to which she asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) the meaning of the several references in the Quran to the women of Paradise.

In answer, he explained this very verse and said: These are the women who died as aged and decayed women, with sticky eyes and gray hair; after this old age Allah will again make them young and virgins. Umm Salamah asked: If a woman had several husbands in the world, one after the other, to whom will she belong in Paradise?


The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied: She will he asked to make her own choice, and she will choose the one who had the best moral character. She will say: O my Lord, make me his wife, for he was the best in his conduct and dealings with me.

O Umm Salamah, good moral conduct has carried off all the good of this world and the Hereafter.

See also Surah Anfal Ayat 62 And 63 Arabic Text And Meaning.

Verse 37

Intensely loving and of matching age.

The word uruban is used for the best feminine qualities of the woman in Arabic. This signifies a woman who is graceful and elegant, well-mannered and eloquent, and brimful of feminine feelings, who loves her husband with all her heart, and whose husband also loves her with all his heart.

This can have two meanings:

  1. That they will be of equal age with their husbands.
  2. That they will be of equal age among themselves; i.e. all the women in Paradise will be of the same age and will eternally stay young.

Both of these meanings may be correct at one and the same time, i.e. these women may be of equal age among themselves and their husbands also may be made of equal age with them.

According to a Hadith: When the dwellers of Paradise enter it, their bodies will be without hair, their mustaches will be just appearing, but will yet he beardless, they will be handsome and fair-complexioned, with sturdy bodies and collyrium stained eyes; they will all be 33 years of age. (Musnad Ahmad: Marwiyat Abi Hurairah).

Almost the same theme has been related in Tirmidhi by Muadh bin Jabal and Abu Saeed Khudri also.


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