Are Bugles Halal
Are Bugles Halal

Are Bugles Halal? What You Should Know

If you’re a fan of crunchy snacks, you’ve probably come across Bugles at some point. These cone-shaped corn snacks have been a popular choice for many snack lovers for years.


However, for those who follow halal dietary restrictions, the question of whether Bugles are halal or not might be a cause for concern.

This article looks into one of the most frequently asked questions regarding snacks that are halal friendly: Are Bugles Halal?, so that you can make an informed decision before including them in your snack lineup. So, if you’re curious about the halal status of Bugles, keep reading!

Are Bugles Halal?

Yes, all Flavors of Bugles are generally considered halal and aren’t made with any haram animal-derived ingredients. The original flavor contains cornmeal, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, and baking soda which are all halal.

What Are Bugles Snacks Made Of? Ingredients Analyzed

To determine whether a specific flavor of Bugles is halal or not, it’s important to look at the ingredients list.


We always like to be as thorough as possible when we write these posts. We also think that it’s a great idea for all halal people to understand a little bit more about what’s actually in their food.

So, with that in mind, we’ll give you a full ingredients breakdown so you can see what Bugles are really made of.

Compared to other brands of chips we have looked at, Bugles use a fairly simple recipe that consists of just five simple ingredients and an added preservative.


It’s always nice to see that some companies are sticking to simple foods! Here’s the shortlist for reference:

1. Degermed Yellow Corn Meal

Derived from yellow corn, corn meal is a coarse flour with heavier granules than masa or traditional corn flour.


It is a simple baking product made by grinding dried corn kernels into a thick powder that is 100% halal-friendly.

Cornmeal is an excellent alternative to regular corn flour as it provides a thicker texture and more wholesome flavor to chips.

Additionally, it is minimally processed, eliminating any concerns about unwanted additives such as bleach.


2. Vegetable Oil

Most brands of chips use vegetable oil for frying, but Bugles stand out by using coconut oil or palm kernel oil, as stated on the label. Coconut and palm oil are fully halal.

3. Sugar

Bugles, a snack that is likely familiar to many, has a distinct sweetness to its flavor profile. Its taste is notably different from Fritos, which share similar foundational ingredients but lack the addition of sugar.

Sugar is derived from sugarcane, a plant-based source, all forms of sugar are compatible with a halal diet.

4. Salt

Salt is present in almost all snacks and chips, including Bugles. The primary function of salt is to provide flavor, imparting the crunchy saltiness that one expects from chips.

In addition, salt acts as a strengthening agent, as it combines with the corn meal dough utilized in making the chips.

5. Baking Soda

Baking soda, a type of baking powder, is composed of natural elements, namely sodium and carbon. Its presence enhances the texture of the chips, rendering them extra-crispy.

6. BHT Preservative

BHT is a preservative that’s used to line the inner wall of the packaging. It prevents bacteria from setting in the chips, even after the package has been opened and the airtight seal has been lost.

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