Is Crocodile Halal
Is Crocodile Halal

Is Crocodile Halal Or Haram In Islam? Things To Know

Crocodile meat is consumed by humans in many countries like Australia, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa, and some regions of the United States. But, Is crocodile halal in Islam, continue reading to find out the answer.


Is Crocodile Halal In Islam?

No, crocodile is not halal according to some scholars. The correct view is that eating crocodile meat is not allowed, because they have fangs and live on land – even though they may spend a lot of time in the water – so precedence should be given to the reason for forbidding it (it is a land animal that has fangs).

Is Crocodile Meat Halal?

Eating crocodile meat is a controversial issue. Scholars have differed on the ruling for eating crocodile meat.

Those who say it’s permissible look at it as a creature of the sea. What they mean by a creature of the sea is that any creature that lives in water, whether it’s an ocean, sea, river or lake.

Those who look at it being an amphibious animal that has teeth, they consider these teeth to be type of the canines that are prohibited which the prophet SAW prohibited us to eat anything that has teeth and claws among the birds.


Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem said that he inclined personally that it is not permissible to eat just to be on the safe side. However, it is permissible to use its leather.

Watch his Fatwa on whether crocodile is halal or haram below:

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Why Crocodile Is Haram?

According to the most prevailing opinion of the scholars, it is forbidden to eat crocodiles whether they are small or large.

The reason is that the crocodile is an animal that kills its prey with its sharp canine teeth and because it is not only aquatic but it is amphibious as well.


Indeed, it can live for a long time on land. So, it is different from sea animals.

Al Qurtubi related from Ibn Al-‘Arabi that he said:

“The meat of the amphibious animals is unlawful because it embodies two conflicting rulings: one that it is lawful and the other that it is unlawful. Now the ruling of unlawfulness is given priority to that of lawfulness. So, it is unlawful to eat the meat of crocodile.


Furthermore, because it eats dirt and filth, it is regarded as khabeeth (disliked by nature). According to this logic, they do not consider crocodile meat to be halal.

Allah says:

And making Halal (lawful and permissible) for them wholesome things and prohibiting for them impure things (khabaa’ith)”

Surah Al Araf verse 157

The other opinion on this matter is that crocodile is halal in Islam. The scholars stated that crocodile is comparable to fish based on the general permissibility of eating water animals.

Allah has granted Muslims to eat any and all Seafood as long as it is not dangerous or poisonous to consume.

They support their opinion by referencing numerous sources from Quran and hadith. Their view encompasses that everything that lives in water, sea or ocean is Halal and permissible to eat as long as it will not harm you.

According to them, no evidence shows the prohibition of crocodile meat. Thus, they consider it Halal.

Allah says:

Lawful to you is game from the sea and its food as provision for you and the travelers, but forbidden to you is game from the land as long as you are in the state of ihram. And fear Allah to whom you will be gathered.

Surah Al Ma’idah verse 96

There are some instances where the Prophet (SAW) told his companions to eat seafood. That is why there is a notion that everything that the sea contains is Halal for Muslims to consume.


Eating crocodile meat is clearly controversial. In general, a Hadith states that it is best to avoid all doubtful and ambiguous situations. The prophet SAW said “Leave that about which you are in doubt for that about which you are in no doubt.

And Allah knows best.


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