Seasons In Arabic
Seasons In Arabic

4 Seasons In Arabic (How To SAY Them In Arabic)

The season is the main topic of most conversations. Knowing the basic words and how to formulate a few sentences about the weather usually ‘breaks the ice’ at the beginning of conversation.


Here you can find extensive seasons in Arabic vocabulary which you can use in everyday life. Each Arabic word is transliterated to make it easier for you to learn the pronunciation.

How Do You Say Seasons In Arabic?

The Arabic word for season is written as فَصْل and pronounced as faSl while the plural is written as فُصول  and pronounced fuSuul. The four seasons is called الفُصول الأرْبَعة in Arabic and transliterated as al-fuSuulu al-arba3a.

Names Of 4 Seasons In Arabic

The names of 4 seasons الفُصول الأرْبَعة in Arabic are:

  • Spring ……… الرَّبيع
  • Summer ……. الصَّيْف
  • Autumn ……. الخَريف
  • Winter …….. الشّتاء

Spring Season in Arabic

Spring season in Arabic is called فَصْل الرَّبيع and pronounced as ar-rabii3.


Autumn in Arabic

In Arabic the word autumn or fall is called الخَريف and transliterated as al-khariif.

How To Say Summer in Arabic

The Arabic word for summer is called الصَّيْف and pronounced as aS-Sayf.

How To Say Winter In Arabic

The Arabic word for winter is called الشّتاء and pronounced as ash-shitaa.

4 seasons in Arabic
Image source: Al Andalus Academy

Words Related To Season In Arabic

Seasons List! Learn useful seasons vocabulary words in Arabic. There are a massive variety of topics which will require you to know the correct Arabic words for the seasons of the year. 

This could include talking about travel, what the weather is like and even talking about your favourite season and why. 


This Arabic vocabulary can also prove very useful when looking at season and when reading about travel and times of the year.

Arabic Seasons WordsEnglish
قوس المطرRainbow
باردCold (weather)
عُطْلَة ; عِيْدholiday
غَيْث ; مَطَرRain
بَرَد ; ثَلْجsnow
مُصَيّفsummer vacationer
رَبيعيspring (adj.)

Phrases And Sentences Using Season Vocabulary In Arabic

  • These are the seasons … هذه هى فصول السنة
  • The summer is warm … الصيف حار
  • The sun shines in summer … في الصيف تسطع الشمس
  • We like to go for a walk in summer … في الصيف نحب أن نتنزه
  • The winter is cold … الشتاء بارد
  • It snows or rains in winter … في الشتاء تثلج أو تمطر‬
  • We like to stay home in winter … في الشتاء نفضل البقاء في البيت 
  • It is cold … الجو بارد
  • It is raining … إنها تمطر
  • It is windy … الجو عاصف
  • It is warm … الجو دافئ
  • It is sunny … الجو مُشمس
  • It is pleasant … الجو صافٍ
  • What is the weather like today? … كيف الطقس اليوم؟‬
  • It is cold today … اليوم الجو بارد
  • It is warm today … اليوم الجو دافئ
  • Bad weather … طقس سيئ



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