Is Chocolate Liquor Halal
Is Chocolate Liquor Halal

Is Chocolate Liquor Halal? What You Need To Know

Chocolate liquor, also known as cacao mass or cocoa mass, is a key ingredient in many chocolate products. It is made from ground cocoa beans and contains cocoa solids and cocoa butter in roughly equal proportions.


But, Is Chocolate Liquor Halal? In what ways could chocolate liquor be compromised? Why is it called liquor if it doesn’t contain alcohol? Is chocolate liquor the same as a chocolate liqueur?

Below we’ll explore those and other common questions about the halal status of chocolate liquor, as it relates to halal-friendly diet!

Is Chocolate Liquor Halal?

Yes, chocolate liquor is halal. As a product made from cocoa beans, chocolate liquor is considered halal, or permissible, for Muslims to consume. This is because cocoa beans are not considered haram, or forbidden, under Islamic dietary laws.

Chocolate liquor that refers to the base mass of cocoa solids does not contain alcohol and considered halal, so it is not the same as a chocolate liqueur.


But when some people talk about chocolate liquor they may be referring to a beverage containing alcohol. So they may be referring to a chocolate liqueur which is Haram to consume.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that chocolate products made with chocolate liquor may not be halal if they contain ingredients that are not permissible under Islamic law.

For example, some chocolate products may contain alcohol, which would make them haram for Muslims to consume.

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Is Chocolate Liquor Halal

What is Chocolate Liquor?

Chocolate liquor is a cacao-based product made from peeled and ground cacao beans. When cooled, the liquid is known by a variety of names, including cocoa mass and baking chocolate, and serves as the foundation for milk and dark chocolates.


The use of the word “liquor” rather than “liquid” is a throwback to old-fashioned English, when the liquefied form of something was referred to as its “liquor.”

In the following video, you’ll see the process of how chocolate liquor is made. The roasted cocoa nibs are ground to a fine grind and then the chocolate paste or liquor is made. In the video, they go on to extract the cocoa butter. You’ll see the liquor at around 0:45 in the video.

Why Is Chocolate Liquor Halal?

Islamweb stated that there is no harm in consuming chocolate liquor unless it contains alcohol or is proven to be harmful to one’s health.


The basic principle is that all kinds of food and beverages are lawful unless proven unlawful with sharee’ah evidence, according to the scholarly consensus.

Hence, it is permissible to consume all kinds of food and beverages except for what is detrimental to one’s health or what contains impure ingredients.

In his book Az-Zaad, Al-Hajjaawi may Allaah have mercy upon him said in the chapter about food, “The basic principle is that all kinds of food are lawful as long as they are ritually pure and do not cause harm.”

Dar chocolate

Shaykh Ibn ʻUthaymeen may Allah have mercy upon him wrote:

In principle, all kinds of food are lawful according to the scholarly consensus; based on the verse:

It is He Who created for you all of that which is on the earth…

Surah Al Baqarah 29

Whoever claims otherwise, his view is outweighed by this evidence unless he can bring forth supportive evidence to substantiate his claim.

In addition, gave answered to the Fatwa: The ‘Chocolate Liquor’ ingredient used to make chocolates is not a reference to alcohol, it is simply pure cocoa and is Halal.

It is called ‘Liquor’ because it is liquid cocoa beans. It is also called cocoa mass, cocoa paste or unsweetened chocolate. This has been confirmed with some manufacturers.

On the other hand, ‘Liqueur Chocolates’ which contain alcohol are not Halal irrespective of the source of the alcohol. Likewise, the ‘Chocolate Liqueur’ alcohol drink is not Halal.

If unsure, please check with the manufacturer. It is always a good idea to check the ingredient list on chocolate products to ensure that they are made with halal ingredients.

Allaah knows best.

Chocolate Liquor is halal


In summary, chocolate liquor is halal and can be consumed by Muslims. However, it is important to be mindful of any other ingredients that may be present in chocolate products made with chocolate liquor, as these may not be halal.


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