Is Starburst Halal
Is Starburst Halal

Is Starburst Halal Or Haram In USA and UK? (UPDATED 2023)

Starburst Fruit Chews are a classic fruity candy that come in a variety of flavors and forms. The original Starburst come in lemon, cherry, orange, and strawberry flavors. But is starburst halal?


In this post we review everything you need to know about this fruity treat, so you can make an informed choice when it comes to grabbing a piece of this popular candy.

Is Starburst Halal in USA?

The short answer is No, Starburst that is made and sold in the US is not halal. The most concerning ingredient for halal eaters is gelatin. Gelatin is made from the proteins and peptides that come from bones, connective tissues, and the skin of animals.

Starburst Candy Ingredients

Let’s take a look at the ingredient list. It is interesting to note that Starburst made and sold in the United States has one significant ingredient difference than those that are made and sold in the United Kingdom.

USA Starburst Ingredients

Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil; Less than 2% of: Apple Juice from Concentrate, Citric Acid, Tapioca Dextrin, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Gelatin, Modified Corn Starch, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Colors (Red 40, Yellow 6, Yellow 5.


Is Starburst Gelatin Halal?

It was confirmed that Gelatin used in Starburst is derived from Beef. Spoon University and other informations gathered online received confirmation from Mars Wrigley that the Gelatin used in Starburst are derived from beef.

IslamWeb stated that Gelatine extracted from animals that are not slaughtered according to Islamic rites as well as from pork is impure.

Allaah Says (which means):

… or the flesh of swine (pork) — for indeed, it is impure.

Quran 6:145

So, if these impure extracts are used in food stuff [either food or drinks] then they become impure, and thus it is forbidden to eat them as it is forbidden to eat impurity.

However, if these extracts are treated before being added to food or drinks, in a manner that they totally became another pure item, then the scholars differed in opinion in relation to the ruling of impurity when it is transformed; whether it is ruled that they are pure or they stay as they were in principle, i.e. impure.


The Shaafi’ee and Hanbali schools, according to their well-known opinion, rule these extracts as impure, and their transformation does not change the ruling of their impurity.

Meanwhile the Hanafi and Maaliki schools, according to their well-known opinion, are of the view that impurity becomes pure when it is transformed.

Any specific impurity that is transformed and totally changed into a different reality [substance] than its original state, becomes lawful and permissible to use, according to the majority of the scholars and this view is the opinion of Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah.


Therefore, according to this opinion, gelatine and other impure extracts, if they are treated and transformed into another substance, they become pure, and it becomes permissible to eat the food or drinks to which these extracts are added.

Nonetheless, according to the first opinion, it is not permissible to eat the food or drink to which these extracts are added even if they were transformed. End of Quote from Islam Web.

According to IslamQA, here are reasons why it is impermissible to use gelatin in foods and medicine.

What appears to be more correct is the view that it is not permissible to use gelatin in foods, medicines or anything else if it is derived from an impure substance, for several reasons:

  1. A number of specialists have stated that the transformation is not complete, and that what has been done to the skin and bones of pigs is a manufacturing process, not a process of transformation.

So the porcine material remains subject to the prohibition and is regarded as impure, and anything that is manufactured from it comes under the same ruling.

  1. The fact that there is some doubt concerning this matter (namely the question of whether the transformation is complete or otherwise) prompts us to adhere to the original ruling, which is that this substance is impure unless it is proven that this is a real transformation.
  2. The view of many of the scholars is that the ruling on an impure substance does not change even if it is deemed to have been transformed.

Therefore their view is that using this kind of gelatin is haram, because its origin is impure. No matter how much the substance changes, the ruling does not change.

Even though this view is not more likely to be correct, it prompts us to be cautious with regard to many matters in which we cannot be certain that the process of transformation has indeed taken place.

  1. The view that this kind of gelatin is haram is the view of many contemporary scholars.

It says in a statement issued by the Islamic Fiqh Council in Jeddah:

“It is not permissible for the Muslim to use yeast and gelatin derived from pig sources in food.

The availability of yeast and gelatin derived from vegetable sources or animals slaughtered in the prescribed manner means that there is no need for that (i.e., gelatin from haram sources).” (Qararaat Majma‘ al-Fiqh al-Islami, p. 90) End of Quote from IslamQA

Is Starburst Halal

Are Starburst Halal in UK?

Yes, Starburst is halal in UK. Starburst sold in the UK do not contain any ingredients that are explicitly non-halal. Luckily for them, their Starburst contain ingredients that can fit in with a halal diet.

Let’s take a look at all of the ingredients in Starburst Original.

Ingredients of Starburst in the UK

IngredientWhat Is It?
Glucose SyrupA syrup made from the hydrolysis of some sort of starch
SugarA soluble carbohydrate that is sweet-tasting
Palm FatOtherwise known as palm oil, derived from the Elaeis genus of oil palms
Concentrated Fruit Juices 1.4%* (Apple, Orange, Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Lime, Lemon) *Equivalent to 11.5% Fruit JuiceThe juice of fruits that has had water removed for convenience
Citric AcidA naturally occurring weak acid that is used as a flavouring in many foods
Modified StarchA food additive created by treating starch (long-chain carbohydrate) chemically or with enzymes, used as a thickening agent or to change mouthfeel
Malic AcidAn acid that is made by all living organisms that is added to some foods to affect flavour
DextrinAnother product derived from starch that is used to enhance the texture of food
MaltodextrinAs above
Antioxidant Ascorbic AcidAnother name for vitamin C that is added to some foods for its antioxidant properties (rather than the potential health benefits)
Emulsifier LecithinA fatty substance that is added to various foods as an emulsifier
AnthocyaninsA flavonoid that occurs naturally in many plants that is used as a food colouring
Beta-CaroteneA pigment that occurs naturally in a number of plants that is used as a food colouring
Spirulina ExtractA blue-green algae that is high in iron and protein
Are Starburst Halal

Wondering if other types of candy are vegan? Check out:

Is Starburst Chewing Gum Halal?

No, Starburst Gummies are not halal in US. As with the original Starburst chews, the Starburst gummies contain gelatin, natural and artificial flavors, and artificial food coloring.

However, Starburst chewing gum is halal in UK. According to online sources, Starburst Chewing Gum is exclusively available in the United Kingdom. No animal-derived ingredients like gelatin appear on the packaging. Therefore, Starburst Chewing Gum is halal friendly in UK!

Is Starburst chewing gum halal
Is Starburst chewing gum halal

Is Starburst Mini Halal?

Yes, Starburst Mini is halal. Gelatin is conspicuously absent from the Starburst Minis ingredient list. According to the starburst website, the ingredients used in making starburst mini are:

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Palm Oil; Less Than 2% Of: Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Pectin, Apple Juice From Concentrate, Mono- And Diglycerides, Confectioner’s Glaze, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Colors (Yellow 6, Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1), Carnauba Wax.

Their ingredients are almost the same as those of the originals, with a little sweet potato and radish thrown in for good measure. As such, these are also fine for halal people to eat.

Are Starburst Halal

Are Pink Starburst Halal?

No, pink starburst are not Halal. Starburst pink in the United States usually contain Gelatin in the ingredients. Therefore, pink Starburst in the US are NOT Halal.

Are Pink Starburst Halal
Are Pink Starburst Halal

Other Starburst Products

The original fruit chews aren’t halal but what about their other products? The Starburst brand comes in chewy candies and gummies. The following is a list of their products and any ingredients derived from animals.

  • Original Mini Fruit Chews – halal
  • Fave Reds Fruit Chews – contain gelatin
  • Airs Original Gummies – contain gelatin
  • Sours Gummies Candy – contain gelatin
  • Airs Sour Tropical Gummies – contain gelatin
  • Duos Fruit Chews Candy – contain gelatin
  • Original Gummies Candy – contain gelatin
  • Sours Mini Fruit Chews – halal
  • Swirlers Chewy Sticks Candy – does not contain ingredients from animal sources
  • Starburst Jelly Beans – halal

Only the Swirlers Chewy Sticks Candy doesn’t contain any ingredients made from animal products.

Is Starburst Halal

Is Starburst Haram?

Unfortunately, Starburst are haram in the United States. They contain animal-derived ingredients (gelatin made from beef) which is impure and forbidden to consume according to some scholars.


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